The most original ways to put brains in place

For this type of relaxation, it is not necessary to take a long vacation. To come to yourself, quite just a trip on the weekend or carve a little time on a business trip. So, here is our rating of the most interesting procedures.

1) Appliques from red caviar – massage or wrapping. According to the plan, this product strengthens the skin, and, in sensations, you will be born again. Where to drive for such delicate procedures? Naturally there, where caviar is not a deficit – in Kamchatka, on Sakhalin. Although, as far as I know, caviar indoor even in Italy.

2) As an option "Bourgeois" swimming in champagne, in the Czech Republic is offered beer baths. The main thing is not to use inside what is intended for outdoor use. Such a font is a detox for the body and improves blood circulation.

3) Guess which mixture was smeared on the face of Geisha in the form of Belil? This is Guano Solovya. It is rich in enzymes, useful elements and rejuvenates the skin literally in the eyes. If you are not very squeezing and you can not pay attention to the specific smell, then try this mask. It is not necessary to go to Japan, the nightingales of the same breed fly also in Hawaii.

The most original ways to put brains in place

4) For those who are not afraid of extreme, in Israel offer massage snakes – Naturally, neiovitimi. This is a very interesting feeling when the reptiles are crawling on the skin – if you reset your fear and squeamishness, the feeling of relax will come immediately. By the way, the reptiles possess miraculous properties – they seek absorb through their skin all your negative thoughts and even muscle pain.

5) well calm the nerve in Mexico with a kind of needleherapy. You will prick you spikes from cacti, and to reduce pain, at the same time treat the pool – an alcoholic drink from Agava, something like tequila. Acupuncture It is always useful, just in Mexico needles a little others.

This world is still a lot of interesting things and you decide what you like more – traditional holiday or exotic. In any case, a lot worth trying in this life.

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