The most original and unusual talismans of the Summer Olympic Games

The first worked talisman named with the name was Tax Waldo, which represented the Munich Games of 1972.

The symbol of the 1976 games in Montreal was the hardworking beaver, although in the appearance of the talisman of this immediately and you will not understand.

With this talisman, the whole of the older generation of the CIS is connected only the most warm feelings. Games of 1980 in Moscow and especially the closing ceremony remember for the whole life Millions.

The symbol of the 1984 Olympic Games in the United States was Eagle Sam.

The talisman of the 1988 games in Seoul was the famous hero of Korean legends and fairy tales – Amur Tiger Khodori.

One of the most successful talismans in the history of games is considered to be a puppy Kobe, which represented the 1992 games in Barcelona.

But the most failed maskot is considered izhi – from the English What Is IT? ("What it is?"). This talisman was generated on the computer and represented the 1996 games in Atlanta.

Organizers of the Games of 2000 in Sydney decided to make several talismans at once. As a result of the game, Kukabara, Lockos and Echidna were represented – animals inhabiting only in Australia.

The most original and unusual talismans of the Summer Olympic Games

The Talismans of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens became FEB and Athena – accurate copies of the ancient Greek dolls, which were found during excavations.

The 2008 Game Organizers in Beijing decided to surrendance and created as much as 5 talismans. They received the common name of Fuva – from the Chinese "Children of Good luck".

The fantastic talismans can rightly name the 2012 Olympics Symbols in London. Valkock and Mandeville – two fantastic one-eyed humanoids who received their names in honor of the town of Mach Venklock and the hospital Plak Mandeville.

On the eve of the Summer Olympics 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, the organizers of the event presented to the public two talismans: a yellow creature resembling a cat and a mythical plant – representatives of local flora and fauna.

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