The most older man in the world turned 112 years old

His 112 birthday February 5 notes Sakari Momoye, a long-lived from Japan. Holiday grandfather spends a family in one of the medical institutions Tokyo, where he is under constant supervision of doctors.

Relatives of the 112-year record holder reported that given the revered age of Sakari no special events plan. "It is important for us and joyfully that the honorable chapter of our family is in peace and peaceful state of the Spirit," they said.

Momoi was born in 1903 in Fukushima Prefecture in the northeast of the Japanese Honshu Island. All his life he taught agrochemistry, and was also the director of several schools. According to relatives, the record holder still keeps the clarity of the mind, he himself reads books and even monitors sports broadcasts. Especially Elderly Fan is interested in baseball and soumely, ITAR-TASS reports.

The most older man in the world turned 112 years old

Sakari Momoye in August 2014 was recognized as the Guinness Book of Records The oldest of the now living people on the planet. In this regard, the record holder has an honorary diploma. Interestingly, in Japan (in the city of Osaka in the southern part of Honshu island) there are the most elderly woman in the world – 116-year-old Misao Okava.

Today, the Japanese Dziroemon Kimura also remains an absolute long-lived record holder among male representatives. He twice entered the Guinness Book of Records: as the most elderly person in the world and at the same time as the oldest man from now living. Kimura died aged 116 years in 2013.

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