The most non-standard hotels in the world

Going on vacation everyone wants to drastically change the situation, get new emotions and impressions. Good help for this will be the right choice of hotel. On Earth there are several completely incredible hotels who have something to surprise.

Icehotel in Sweden

It consists entirely of ice, every year the building fully melts, in connection with this Design and design numbers each season new. Located this unusual place in the city of Yukkasyarvi, not far from the polar circle. Spending the night here is a considerable amount, and it is worth considering that the day all the rooms work in the museum mode. For the night to each guest Give sleeping bag, thermal underwear, cap.

Crazy House Hotel in Vietnam

Amazing hotel that Looks like a big tree. There are no angles here, everything has a round shape. Railings, stairs, walls. In this place it is felt the maximum proximity to nature. In the rooms made on the likeness of the caves Mushrooms grow, and curly plants, small trees, and you can find animals.


Real Paradise for fiction lovers from Jules Romana Verne. This hotel is built by the German artist Laos Skrhrhrogen, inspired by the "floating island". All rooms have their own unique interior. Tourists have the opportunity to be a knights, forest inhabitants, sailors and t. D. Hotel filled with sounds and light effects. A huge selection is provided to spend the night. Medieval city, snow-white coffin, brothel.

Green Plaza Shinjuku Capsule Hotel

Hotel from capsules, each number of which is similar to the spacecraft. At the disposal of each guest TV and radio, light, internet access, comfortable bed. Nothing extra. In addition to access rooms, there is a living room for all guests.

Dog Bark Park Inn

Hotel Outside the dog looks and is 10 m high. There are only 4 rooms here, but each of them is very comfortable as at home. The hotel was built by the spouses Dennis Sullivan and Francis Konklin and opened in 2003. Has the whole design even his own nickname &# 8211; "Milashka Willy".

The most non-standard hotels in the world

Tree Hotel in Sweden

If you want to go to the real forest wilderness, this is the most suitable place. One of the numbers looks like a mirror cube 4x4x4. It is difficult to find it quickly, because it is located on one of the trees. Inside all decorated plywood from birch. Also here There are rooms in the shape of a bird nest, a huge insect and a flying saucer. For guests, a sauna designed for 8 people.

Montana Magica Lodge

House made In the form of a small volcano, spewing water to replace Lave. The central entrance is the suspension bridge. And from the surrounding nature of Wilo-Willo Reserve is different only by the presence of window openings. From the rooms you can enjoy the type of real volcano urine-choshu-enko.

Hotel De Vrouwe Van Stavoren

Probably, this is the most incredible idea for the hotel, because 4 rooms from existing here are barrels in which wine was previously kept and kept. Otherwise, the hotel is built from standard materials and looks in principle simple. He is in the Netherlands, in the city of Stavorin.

The most non-standard hotels in the world

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