The most lonely tree on Earth: Acacia Tennel

Translated from the language of the people inhabiting the Nigerian district of Tarka, the word "Tennel" means "a separate zone". This is true. The main roads are enveloped by this harsh land area of ​​1,300 km², where there is nothing but sand and wind. The only route that takes place in the region, leads from the city of Agadez to another – Bilma. The tree grew here, having shouted by shouting: "Tafagag!"And although at the local dialect it means" acacia ", in the endless sea of ​​sand the word had the same meaning as" I see the earth!"Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

Decades of the Tennel was a real beacon for passing caravans. Local revered it. And scientists in 1930 decided to explore. And they found out that the rope of three-meter acacia is already about 300 years old, the trunk could change to three times. But how it could grow here and what lives? Taways a long time ago answered this question – thanks to the God of Thunder and Lightning Adeobu, that turned into a tree of one recalcitable, but persistent young man.

Scientists have found another explanation, and at the same time "broadcasts" left by ancient ancestors – arms tips and stone axes. And yes, the remains of numerous fauna: elephants, giraffes, hippopots and antelope. They all walked in these places about 600,000 years ago. Because then life in Tarka beat the key – right from under the ground: there was a lake, around which violent vegetation was blessing.

To her last "goodbye" and the lonely acacia. The climate changed, and the desert occurred. Vegetation extinct, people and animals gone. In front of the sand of the sand, only the ten train was, just like the youth of the legend. There is no romance here: just the tree managed to reach the groundwater, locating at a depth of 33-36 m – the most that once nourished the ancient lake.

The most lonely tree on earth acacia tener

When it turned out, two wells were pulled next to the tree: now the travelers could not only hide in a blessed shadow, but also pleading to get drunk cold water. But the French ethnographer and researcher Africa Henri Lot passed by the tree repeatedly and, once again saw him in 1959, wrote that it came into a rather poor condition – part of him was broken. Why is it difficult to say. Some said that a military truck accidentally crashed into him, who, stopping here, handed over, passed, others – that it became a victim of a hurricane.

Nevertheless, Acacia lived and gave shadow. In a brutal irony, her fate finally decided the truck crashed into a tree in 1973 and finally rushed him. Driving a certain Libyan who was probably drunk.

The most lonely tree on earth acacia tener

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