The most interesting webcams of the world

Even special selection of the most interesting and exciting webcams in the world appear.

I will tell you about those webcams that are interested in personally to me.

The most interesting webcams of the world

Number one in my top is a webcam installed next to the Kruger National Park in South Africa. By using TEMBE Webcam (site africam.COM / Wildlife / Tembe Webcam), which is equipped with a special night shooting mode and responds to movement, can be observed for the wild nature of Africa.

Elephants on water giraffe by water

For me personally, it is relevant for me, because I’m not sure that in the near future I can visit Africa, and a good alternative to webcams. Literally today I managed to observe two elephants and miscurrent during a waterproof and it’s just an amazing coincidence, because I recently wrote about the African elephants.

The most interesting webcams of the world

Once again, I am convinced that in this life, everything is some kind of mystically interconnected. I made a pair of screenshots as evidence

Look for elephants Elephants on VEBKamere the most interesting webcams

Two minuses – what will have to see a 30-second commercial and the fact that life in African Savane does not like this, as this is shown by Discovery or National Geographic. On the same site you can find other webcams of Africa.

The most interesting webcams of the world

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