The most interesting travel films

A film about four teenagers who finding the same name in the literal sense plunged into her world with his head. Here and adventures on the picturesque island, and riddles, and sparkling jokes. The picture not only looks in one breath, but also makes you think about the eternal.

Sonic (2020)

The protagonist of the film is the fastest hedgehog in the Universe, Sonic. Traveling between the worlds to break away from the pursuers, he got into a small American town. At first he just watched his inhabitants, and then met them. The plot is exciting. In it and travel, and special effects, and entertainment.

Pirates of the Caribbean (2003-2021)

This is a series of films with adventurous and charismatic captain Jack Sparrow in the lead role. The first film was released in 2003, the sixth is planned in 2021. Pictures have a lot of admirers. And she loved people so much that those in anticipation of the new part are even looking for other filmters with a similar plot.


There are a lot of movies that can be viewed together or with children.

Travel 2: Mysterious Island (2012)

In the center of the plot – Teen Sean, which received an encoded signal for help at the old frequency. Deciding that he sent him a grandfather to him, once disappeared, the guy goes to the expedition. Accompanies his stepfather (Duene Johnson), and the pilot of the helicopter is joined in the way, on which they flew to the mysterious island, and a wonderful pilot daughter. All together they will make an excellent team that exciting adventures are waiting ahead.

Alladin (2019)

This is a modern interpretation of a well-known fairy tale, but this time Guy Richie worked on her. Due to this, gorgeous music numbers and funny dialogs were added to the exciting plot. The acting is also perfectly selected – the role of Gina, for example, executes Will Smith, who perfectly born in his image.

Amazing Adventures Dr. Dullitla (2020)

An exciting film about the genius-veterinarian, leading the recovery lifestyle. One day they are asked for help – to find a medicine for a dying queen on the mythical island. After a short ponday, the doctor agrees, especially since his faithful, bold friends – exotic animals, with which he knows how to talk.

Films about space

The most interesting travel films

There are a number of paintings showing the beauty of this world.

Passengers (2016)

Imagine a distant future in which people base colonies on other planets. It was in such a trip that the main characters went on a modern spacecraft. Since the road is long (overcome the path can be in 120 years), passengers were soared in modern hibernation chambers so that they successfully reached the destination, not. But because of the collision with asteroid, something went wrong, and one of the passengers woke up ahead of time ..

The film fascinates from the first minute, and not only a stunning plot, but also beautiful pictures, including cosmic landscapes.

Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon (2011)

Film is interesting to the fact that the basis of its plot strings is real events – landing of cosmonauts on the moon in 1969. In the third film, the Autobotes continue to fight with decepticons. Following the transformers, the audience will be transferred to the Chernobyl, then in the Middle East ..

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

In Kinolent, we are talking about Peter Qwill, who accidentally found the mysterious artifact. Now Piter must hide him so that he does not get to the invincible criminal Ronan. So begins a fascinating journey for the rescue of the whole universe.

The most interesting travel films

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