The most interesting sights of Hungary

Hungary &# 8211; A country with an interesting and unusual history, as well as a large number of different attractions. Population of Hungary It has some kind of original temper and mentality, And nature surprises every tourist, decisive to get out of town. Although the Hungarian language is not similar to any language from the Slavic group, guides and guides are perfectly talking in our. This allows tourists from the CIS to visit Hungary and enjoy its sights.

Which places are necessary to visit?

Lake Balaton

Speaking about Hungary, it is necessary to mention Lake Balaton. It is located just a hundred kilometers from the capital of the state. Arriving on this lake, you can immediately make sure that the name "Pearl of Hungary" is given to him rightly. Lake Balaton fascinates tourists with its dimensions, purity and color of water, ruins located on the shores of the pond of ancient castles, vineyards and gardens.

A distinctive feature of the lake Balaton can be called his depth and sizes. If everything is fine with sizes, then the depth is truly striking: no more than 2.5 meters throughout the reservoir. Clean lake water in summer can reach a temperature of 28 degrees, which makes the Balaton with a suitable place for family holidays with young children.

Throughout the vicinity of the reservoir can be detected Thermal sources, who appreciate tourists looking for rehabilitation. In these sources beats mineralized water with a temperature of more than 40 degrees, which has a very positive effect on the whole body. At the same time in the country a large number of places for outdoor activities.

Fortress Buda

Fortress Buda &# 8211; Main landmark of the capital of Hungary. From any point of Budapest, you can see the dome of this palace, but it is best to see it from Mount Hellert.

The most interesting sights of Hungary

During its existence, the fortress suffered a lot of changes, destruction and reconstructions. That is why at the moment It can not be called a fortress: all protective structures were destroyed. However, having passed through the territory of the palace, from each building you can learn a part of the history of Hungary.

On the territory of the castle The presentee of the President is located &# 8211; The building built in the 19th century for the ruler of Hungary of the time given under the residence only in 2002. Now, the honorary regiment of state troops is on duty near the entrance to the building, and the residence of the President of Hungary is located inside.

Museum Miniversum

Excellent entertainment for the whole family in the capital of the state. Exhibits in this museum are Miniature compositions of the cities of Hungary, Austria and Germany. With the help of special buttons near exhibits, you can run the train, call the bell and manage urban transport. In general, everything is like in real life, only very small.

Hungary &# 8211; Country with an interesting story and fascinating landscapes, to visit which a tourist stands for every respected. You can travel around the country with both family and alone: ​​in cities there are entertainment for every taste.

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