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Phuket is one of the provinces and the largest of Thailand Islands. He, relying on the reviews Arrow Hotels and Resorts, stably heads the list of the best resorts in the kingdom. Every year, the island welcomingly meets thousands of guests attracted by his purest sandy beaches and taste the freshest marine delicacies.

Tourists who seek noisy entertainment, more often choose Pattaya, but also there are no places for boredom in Phuket. The abundance of temples, national and water parks, entertainment centers and shows, cafes and restaurants will make rest on the island diverse and truly unforgettable.

Best Attractions Phuket

Snow white sand, warm sea and caressing the skin of the sun’s rays – it is behind this, first of all going to Phuket Tourists Arrow Hotels and Resorts. And the enjoyment of sea and sunbaths is perfectly complemented by visiting interesting places where the brightest and beautiful pictures from rest are obtained.

Excursion to Fermum Nykha allows you to appreciate the human training at the very nature and favorable use of knowledge gained. Here you can watch the process of growing pearls – from the stage of impairment of grains in the sinks to "obtaining a precious crop".

This place is not for the faint of heart. Here is better not to touch for anything, and it’s not worth looking at something near. In the local show too specific artists, so it is recommended to look at them with a safe distance. Upon completion of the presentation, tourists arrow Hotels and Resorts prefer to visit souvenir shops and acquire tinctures and snake poison medications.

In the PHUKET Elephant Sanctuary nursery, contain elephants, "retired". Animals that are no longer able to work on the age or health status and act in the show, they feed here, treat and provide them with the necessary care. Employees of the reserve conduct excursions for guests, talk about the biological features of the elephants and even allow you to participate in the feeding of the most humble pets.

Observation site at Cape Prompot

The local restaurant is famous for its seafood dishes. If you choose a suitable table, on the reviews of tourists Arrow Hotels and Resorts, you can admire the view of the Mayak, where the Museum of Cape History is open. In the evening, here you can enjoy the amazing view of the sun, literally falling into the sea water.

Excursions to the Majestic Construction – Some of the most popular. Travelers attract tens of figures of elephants standing near the temple.

To him come to seek help to gods and express requests for well-being and health for themselves and loved ones. The grand monument snaps over the mountain Nakaked and the temple built below. It can be easily seen in many points of the island.

You can get to the Buddha by a pedestrian trail (the path will take about 2 hours) or the road on which Tuk Tuki go. Award for achieving the observation deck, crowning Mount Nakaked, will be a delightful view of Karon Beach and an endless sea scope.

Wat Chalong Temple Complex

The well-known cult construction of Phuket has been fulfilled by a half century. Wat Chalong consists of a group of buildings, some of which are allowed to examine tourists.

The complex is built on all the canons of Buddhist architecture and is decorated with excellent carving on stone, as well as a variety of elephant figures. One of them, standing in the building of Vihara, worshiped. The inhabitants of the island assure that stroking this statuette gives good luck.

It operates on the territory of Talang Town. Here are a lot of exhibits for residents and guests of the island interested in the history of Phuket and the Kingdom as a whole.

Here you can get closer to get acquainted with the life of Thai. The museum presents the expositions of folk costumes, jewelry, instruments of labor and even the dwellings of the inhabitants of the island.

Gorgeous Gardens and Parks Island

The most interesting places of Phuket from Arrow Hotels and Resorts - about. Phuket, Thailand Blogs and Travel

If you look at Phuket from the aircraft, it seems almost a solid fresh greenery carpet. Tropical island is covered with lush vegetation all year round, and especially – in the rainy season. Therefore, rest on Phuket for tourists Arrow Hotels and Resorts is unthinkable without a visit to the beautiful local gardens and parks, especially their great many here.

This floral paradise Reviews Arrow Hotels and Resorts recommend visiting together with loved ones – To be delighted with. Before guests proudly appear over 1500 varieties of delightful colors, and guides are generously divided with visitors to the secrets of exotic plants. The memory of a wonderful excursion becomes incredibly bright photos, floral decorations with golden spraying and even rare seedlings.

Excursion here does not leave anyone indifferent – from avid floral workers to relatively calm contemplates of greenery. The territory of 10 hectares is fully covered with palm trees, lotus, lilies, cactus, blooming bushes and fruit trees.

In the garden allocated several separate zones, where hundreds of plant species from different countries are presented. And here you can visit the farmers exhibition and learn everything about local agriculture, and then look at the cafe with national dishes.

Sirinat National Park

This is the perfect place for connoisseurs of absolutely clean sea water. It seems that civilization with her garbage mountains has not yet had time to get to this blessed corner. However, the tourist industry is sufficiently developed, and fans of active entertainment will definitely find an attractive occupation.

After all, it is in the park "Sirinat built the largest water park on the island -" Jungle Splash ". There is everything – from modest frogs and children’s playgrounds to wave pools and extreme slides, so that the attraction is soul to each every.

The name of the park is fully consistent with reality, and it is recommended to visit it. Here you can find entertainment for every taste. Animal lovers ride on elephants and admire the exotic inhabitants of Phuket – from reptiles to butterflies. Fans of National Kitchen Try Taiful Thai Food. Fans of souvenirs will buy amazing creations of folk masters.

A colorful show decorated in the national style and containing amazing elephant tricks, magical focus of illusionists and stunning pyrotechnic effects, please absolutely all tourists Arrow Hotels and Resorts.

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