The most interesting hostels of Europe

This hostel is characterized by a particularly romantic atmosphere and a unique room design. The hostel is located in the old mansion of the 19th century and takes visitors around the clock.

Minimum price: 14 € per person.

Prison Hostel. Kosta, Latvia

Once in this building, a prison was located, so the owners of the hostel did not invent anything new, but simply made the thematic hostel in which you can feel like a real prisoner and sleep on.

Minimum price: 15 € per person.

Kadir’s Tree House. Olympos, Turkey

This hostel is perfect for those who in childhood dreamed of having his small house on the tree. Kadir’s Tree House hostel is located on the territory of the Olympos National Park, where you can see wild animals and enjoy clean air.

Minimum price: 12 € per person.

St. Briavels Hostel. Gloucestershire, England

St. Briavels Hostel is the most real English lock, where you can stay one or a large company. According to the owners, sometimes, at night, here you can see a real cast.

Minimum price: 24 € per person.

Soul Kitchen. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The most interesting hostels of Europe

This hostel was recognized by Hostel Bookers with one of the best in Eastern Europe. The hostel is located in an old building, in which, by the way, several scenes from the "Master and Margarita" were shot.

Minimum price: 10 € per person.

Van Gogh Hostel. Amsterdam, Netherlands

How could you guess from the name, this hostel dedicated to the creations of the greatest Van Gogh. Each room has a reproduction of the paintings of this outstanding artist.

Minimum price: 20 € per person.

Jumbo Stay Hostel, Stockholm, Sweden

This hostel for real connoisseurs and aircraft lovers and all that is connected with them. Jumbo Stay Hostel allows you to spend the night in the cockpit of the pilot, enjoying the panoramic view and listening to how airplanes in the nearby airfield take off and sit.

The most interesting hostels of Europe

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