The most interesting folk dances on Bali

In the distant times, the Balinese dances were the privilege of princes or senior officials. Dances always accompanied and to this day accompany religious ceremonies. They have a dual purpose: scare demons and promote children’s education.

Where foreigners see only music or folklore, the Balinese see the religious ritual, so the attitude towards the dances of the superher.

Balinese dancing can be seen in hotels during evening shows, in restaurants, on special venues – these dances are perfectly supplied from an artistic point of view. In rustic dancing you can feel the amazing atmosphere of the holiday and imbued with the mysterious beliefs of Balinese.

The ticket entrance will cost you in the amount from 200 rubles. up to 400 rubles . As a rule, Balinese dances pass on Fridays.

Leongong – The most beautiful dance that can not get bored. All small basks dream of 3 years old to become Leong Dancers. Learn this dance hard, and the dancer’s career is very short. Leongong – Dance of Divine Nymph and Angels – this limit of grace. Previously, this dance was performed in the palaces.

Kechak – This is a monkeys dance, t.E. Dance Hanuman and his army. The scene with the sacrifice is illuminated by flaming torches in the giant edge. 50 men get up in a circle and start to depict a monkey army of General Hanuman. Dance is accompanied by the rhythmic cries of "Chuck-A-Chuck" and very expressive movements.

The most interesting folk dances on Bali

This is the most famous and spectacular folk dance that served once for sign in trans and those who considered the sacred.

Rangda and Baron – Dance with daggers, it is also a dance with a shift in trance. Rankda is a widow-sorceress, the embodiment of black magic, the female embodiment of Satan. Baron – her opponent, the embodiment of goodness of good, it is represented by the mythical animal, whose mask is more or less reminded by a lion or tiger. In this struggle, good with evil there are no winners, so the struggle can continue.

Khauk – The demon named Hohuk wears a mustache, has long nails, a white face and painted eyes. It depicts the scene of Ramayana or Mahabharata with a pantomime. This is the most male dance.

Dance fire – Shanghuang Haran. The young man on an imaginary horse enters the trans and walks along the hot coals in order to be expelled from the village of demons.

The most interesting folk dances on Bali

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