The most interesting entertainment in South Korea &# 8211; from martial arts to ski slopes

Well-planned rest in Korea &# 8211; The key to the fact that you will spend cool time and with benefit. I made a selection of entertainment in this country for every taste &# 8211; For those who love quiet pastime, prefers Drive and Adrenaline or wants to get food for the mind. South Korea is that to offer every tourist. Especially useful my advice will be for travelers who love an independent holiday &# 8211; it is cheaper, interesting and more exciting.

Martial Arts in Korea &# 8211; from Taekwondo before Shumano

South Korea &# 8211; it is not only rest and entertainment, it’s also great martial arts. Korean martial arts are very colorful and vividly different from the martial arts of other countries, despite the fact that the actual Korean species are practically no. Ancient Korean wrestling occurred from the Mongolian struggle on the belts, Heldo and Pulmududo are based on Chinese Wushu, Happo was developed by a student of the Japanese master, and even the founder of the world famous Taekwondo taught Karate – to the style of Schotokan. The most famous Korean martial art is obliged by its appearance to General Chkhve Hon Hee, who since March 1946 began to systematically develop a new technique, and on April 2, 1955, he gave him a name ,, Taekwondo, which literally means, the path and fist ". This is the most famous martial art, whose homeland is considered South Korea.Thanks to the efforts of the general and his followers, this species has now become Olympic discipline.75 percent of technical actions in Taekwondo are performed by legs, so every athlete must pay for about an hour a day stretching the muscles of the legs.

Masters Heldo equipped the arsenal of fault techniques to the impact on vital centers of the body, which are known as acupuncture points . This Master Heldo can be a light touch to force his opponent to lose consciousness, introduce it into a state of combat shock, immobilize the muscles of the hands or legs, and in some cases paralyze the whole body. Chkhve Yonzol joined the Sokako Tocteda Korean Korean Korean Korean Korean Korean, turned on his feet and named Hapnido (,, Path of Energy ‘. In the arsenal of struggle there is also an honed technique for working with various subsidized means, even under an umbrella and chopsticks for food.

The most mysterious Korean martial art is Hoorando, which, according to his general public, who discovered his general public, was hidden in the Buddhist temples of South Korea for a long time. Shumano technique and the basic principles of this martial art are close to Hapkido, but supplemented by the exercises of the Ki-hub, thanks to which advanced students are able to break the stone boulders. 14 thousand students released the Taekwondo schools under the leadership of Sensei Kanga, who owns a network of sports clubs in New York. And this despite his young (for 9 given) age &# 8211; 45 years. September 4 is World Taekwondo Day. This decision was made at the General Assembly of the World Federation Taekwondo in Ho Chi Minh City.

Beach holiday in South Korea

The most popular and universal vacation option in South Korea is visiting local beaches, where it is so nice to swim, enjoy warm water and soft sand. I recommend to visit several places in the east of the country:

  • Exotic Chechzhudo Island with Beach Io, where the sand is black;
  • Resorts of Naxane and Kepnjde with stunning nature around;
  • Khunde Resort and Beach Busan &# 8211; one of the most visited directions;
  • Beaches Chongmoon and Sogvipho &# 8211; The infrastructure is well developed here;
  • Sabsan National Park &# 8211; Suitable for lovers to swim.
The most interesting entertainment in South Korea; from martial arts to ski slopes

The beach season in Korea lasts not long &# 8211; From July to October, the remaining months the weather is quite mild, but water is not suitable for swimming, and because of the drooping winds, it will not even even walk.

South Korea Ski Resorts

Fans of outdoor activities go to Korea in winter to go skiing, conquer dizzying peaks and enjoy the views from snow-covered trails. Where can I go?

  • Resort Enphhen &# 8211; These are as many as 18 trails for tourists of any level of training, including children;
  • Tamyun Vivaldi Park &# 8211; This place is famous for the highlighting of the tracks, it is convenient to ride at night;
  • Muju &# 8211; Resort with thoughtful infrastructure, in its own experience I recommend the track &# 8220; Silk road&# 8221 ;;
  • Phoenix Park &# 8211; Paradise for secured people who prefer to relax in the measured and respectable setting.

For family holidays, Beers Town or Nizhen-Forest is suitable, and active youth prefers old Hill or Hende-Song &# 8211; These are the most popular Korean resorts.

Excursions in South Korea

In a series of entertainment, ski slopes, bars, breathtaking beaches Do not forget about the entertainment, giving food for mind &# 8211; Visit local attractions, there are a lot of them. During his trip, he paid a little time excursions and managed to see only:

  • Palace Chhanokkun &# 8211; an old construction belonging to the royal dynasty;
  • Palace Kenbokkun with a beautiful pond, where the lotuses bloom;
  • Palace Toksguong &# 8211; I liked that the art gallery is located on its territory, rich in canvas and art objects;
  • Royal Chonmy Temple &# 8211; Pompous with lush decoration.

All listed attractions are located in Seoul, however, and outside of this city there are many interesting objects that should be seen if there is time and desire.

Family holiday in South Korea

To visit Korea and not enjoy plenty of family holidays &# 8211; In my opinion, a crime, because this country is famous for its parks with an abundance of attractions, and the local authorities distinguish colossal funds for their content. So be sure to visit:

  • Picturesque Park Lotte Ward &# 8211; A beautiful place, where, among other things, there is a museum, a skating rink, a lot of attractions, exciting shows are held;
  • Seoul Grand Park &# 8211; in more than 600 kV.M. M. It will be possible to see rare animals, exotic birds and unusual phlora representatives;
  • Park Dream Land &# 8211; Another corner of attractions and active entertainment;
  • Children’s Grand Park &# 8211; I advise you to go here with adolescents, as everything is focused on their rest;
  • Water Park &# 8211; Here are fragments of ships, swimming pools for swimming and surfing, mineral springs and a bunch of total.

I also advise you to enjoy the beauties of the Korean nature and pay at least one day festivals that are lifted and with a scope. For example, visit the Buddha Day, the Festival of Arts, Fish Competitions &# 8211; Will be closer to get acquainted with the culture of this country.

Rest in South Korea is diverse and fascinating &# 8211; Attractions, Parks, Beaches &# 8211; This is not a complete list of entertainment for children and adults. Of particular interest are local martial arts, ski rest, golfer, shopping and gastronomic tours. Think, in the mall of sieu, 800 restaurants, cafes and bars, where you can evaluate Korean cuisine! Have a nice trip!

The most interesting entertainment in South Korea; from martial arts to ski slopes

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