The most interesting caves of the world

There are such dungeons that served as shelter and protection against the outside world, and for some lozels, drugs and controversy.

There are emptiness, the emergence of which is quite trite – mining of minerals, and the stories about other shelters underground are exciting curiosity: and that if it was here that the Maya tribe was hider here, for example?

Cave Cane Flute in China

In general, forward to the underworld. The most mysterious, legendary and beautiful caves.

Illy cave in Illinois

Lamed Tham Lod Cave.

Very ancient cave in Thailand, who was chosen by archaeologists, and not in vain. After all, here you can find settlements of primitive people, and even centuries-old skeletons. Yes, once ancient thais lived among limestone.

However, the ventilation in this dungeon is good, since it flows through it.

Praia Nahon Cave in Thailand.

Interesting to the fact that the temple is built inside.

The most interesting caves of the world

The cave is named after one of the rulers, who once independently found this place under unknown circumstances. Then the reigning face wished another time to call there and in honor of this visit Thais built a beautiful pavilion, which still rods.

Underground Puerto Princes River.

This is a real underground eight-kilometer river, which proceeds in the depths of the Philippine of the same name in the direction of the South China Sea. If suddenly want to feel like an insignificant buckacha among all this stalactite kingdom, then sit in the boat.

Mole Race under Budapest

From these mines of centuries built the capital of Hungary. It was here that raw materials and building materials were mined for all those beautiful houses and bridges for which tourists from all over the world admire.

And then, when many passes and voids were made, in 2011 they decided to arrange underground cycling systems in empty tunnels. So called this Competition "Mute Race".

The most interesting caves of the world

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