The most interesting and unusual hotels in the world

Vacation &# 8211; the long-awaited time of each of us. No need to get up every morning, gather and go to work, and after a working day to run home and cook dinner. Holiday Planning It is necessary to start in advance to purchase tickets for comfortable planes or train, and book rooms in unusual and interesting hotels.

So, where, the most unusual and interesting hotels that will surprise even the most avid traveler, their location?

Mini houses with underwater rooms in Tanzania

On the shores of the Indian Ocean, a hotel is located, with small underwater floating houses. Giant bedroom windows of this hotel allow you to watch the life of ocean jellyfish, fish and marine stars. In the afternoon on the veranda of such a house, you can sunbathe under the rays of the African Sun, and at night you watch the brightest stars in the sky. The author of such a project is a Swedish company that creates unusual hotels throughout the planet.

"Cold House" in Sweden

This unusual hotel functions and takes its guests for 25 years. Material for building buildings, snow and ice, from the frozen local river Tournai &# 8211; ELV. Every winter period Hotel is reconstructed. The temperature in the rooms of the "Cold House" is usually -7 degrees, in any period of the year. For cozy night, tourists are provided with warm thermo stuff, sleeping bags and deer skins.

"Crazy House" in Vietnam

Unusual hotel called "Crazy House", like its architecture on a huge intricate tree. There is no corner in the structure, all the walls are round. The hotel enclosures are interconnected by stairs resembling trees branches.

Hotel Leaprus in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic

The most interesting and unusual hotels in the world

The our hotel, in the form of a spacecraft, is located on the slope of Mount Elbrus, at an altitude of 3912 meters above sea level. On the territory of such a hotel there are rooms that accommodate from 12 to 18 beds, with bathroom and toilets. All hotel electricity functions from solar panels.

Chateau de Bagnols in France

The hotel is a historic monument in France. 800 years after the base, the masterpiece of the Romanesque architecture, began to function as a majestic hotel complex. Massive walls, towers, observation deck, garden with vineyard, scenic view from the window, interior paintings, frescoes, stained glass windows and antique expensive furniture, delight any tourist and create a desire to stay more than once in this complex.

Montana Magica Lodge in Chile

Unusual mountain hotel is located on the territory of the biological reserve in Chile. Outside, the hotel is very similar to the volcano, where local vegetation has grown, but the windows of the rooms, violate the forest architecture. To get and go to the hotel number, you need to walk along the suspended bridge. It is worth noting, this is the only option that allows indoors. From the hotel rooms, there is a breathtaking landscape with a real volcano of urine-choshu-enko.

The most interesting and unusual hotels in the world

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