The most interesting and popular countries to visit

Our world is surprising. So many different countries in which people not like each other. Everyone wants to discover a variety of various beautiful places. That is why one of the favorite people’s work – a trip. Exists Some countries, who are most loved by adventure and recreation seekers.


In this country, everyone will find exactly what. In most cases, people choose this country to relax on the sea. This is no accident, because the sea here is amazingly beautiful and warm.

Turkey is famous not only by this. Mountain peak lovers will also be satisfied. Mountains of Turkey occupy a huge part of the country. It is given here great importance to mountain tourism, Namely: skiing, rings in mountain rivers, hiking in the mountains.

Tourist in no case will not leave indifferent Istanbul – The largest city on the shores of the Bosphorus Strait. Cultures are intersecting in this place – Asian and European. A huge number of magnificent cathedrals, mosques, museums and fortresses will not leave anyone indifferent. A visit to the cultural and historical places of Istanbul Great way to penetrate the spirit of this place and become part of the story.

For young people who loving night entertainment Turkey has prepared Huge number of nightclubs and restaurants located in all corners of the country. Anyone can choose an institution in the shower.

9 out of 10 tourists go to this country To acquire high-quality Turkish goods. That is why shopping is paid here. On Turkish bazaars you can buy everything: from products and things to expensive antiques and jewelry. Undoubted Plus Shopping – Ability to bargain and bring down the price of goods. In addition to huge bazaars in Turkey there are many huge shopping malls for more comfortable shopping lovers. True there is not worth counting on low prices and discount.


This country is suitable for the discharge of the most interesting countries to visit tourists. Romania is suitable, Who loves a relaxing beach holiday, but not really loves heat. The beaches of the Black Sea in this country are very clean and beautiful.

Very popular in Romania Ski resort. Mountain tracks are absolutely different levels of complexity and will fit each. Due to the set of caves in Romania, you can in warm season Climbing climbing or speleology.

A large number of tourists go here with the purpose of Please correct your health, After all, Romania is considered to be European health care. There are many balneological resorts here.

In most interesting, perhaps, in Romania are considered Attractions in the form of gothic castles and museums. Most buildings were built at the beginning of the 12th century and was used as defensive structures. Famous for everyone Dracula Castle, which is only adding interest and mystics to this place.

Shopping lovers will be satisfied with the European high quality things. Romania prices are quite low. Huge number of shopping centers please tourists with their discounts, who become big before the holidays.

Also here are quite a lot of cafes and restaurants. Everyone can try National dishes and penetrate the ear of this place. And this is also everything in fairly democratic prices


In Thailand, you can find absolutely all that soul: Unusually beautiful beaches, amazing diverse underwater world, ancient temples, a large number of discos and other entertainment.

Most tourists Thailand manitis paradise sandy beaches. Almost everywhere convenient occasion, water crystal clear. In addition to a quiet rest and sunburn, you can do diving or windsurfing. Holidays on the beach will accompany Amazing landscape. Mountains and cliffs, high palm trees that bright sun gives a bright beauty.

Entertainment and attractions Enough at all. You can visit wild reserves, see unusual plants and animals. Popular Extreme Show with snakes, crocodiles and elephants. Do not also forget about visiting the ancient temples and ruins that are shrouded in the secrets of this place.

The most interesting and popular countries to visit

For lovers just noisily rest exists Huge number of holidays. In this country, with a scope, every event is celebrating almost every day: the holiday of elephants, fruits, colors and others. Shopping in Thailand not so much attracts. True there is not very expensive to buy jewelry with precious stones. Often you can face fraudsters, so in this country you need to be careful.

Various cafes and restaurants in this country are full. Kitchen Thailand is surprising. Due to unusual spices, food acquires the original taste. In any institution, you can order fresh seafood that cost inexpensively.


This country is almost the most popular for visiting tourists. Go to this country, inspect all the sights and resting on the beach by fast pace – Crime. Need to penetrate this country as deep as possible.

Greece Combines in me Ski resorts, chic beaches and numerous Greek islands, as well as destroyed historical temples.

Beaches in Greece Mostly sandy, But rather noisy. If you go to rest on the island, and not on the mainland, then the sea is more calm. Almost all sun beds and umbrellas paid, so you need to take care in advance.

Ski rest It is not less developed here. The slopes are suitable for both newcomers and experienced. When riding tourists accompanies an incredible landscape and clean air. The main ski season in Greece from November to April. One of the main attractions – These are ancient, rich stories. Everyone is obliged to visit the ancient Greek city Delphi, famous Acropolis, Parfenon, see Olympus and other great places.

Shopping in Greece Pretty developed. Almost all can be purchased here: from fur coats and leather products to original jewelry.

In this country, almost every step of the coffee shop, skewers, bars and snack bars. For not very high price you get a huge portion. The main products that are consumed in this country are Vegetables, dairy products, bread and wine. From meat prefer to prepare lamb and bird. Nobody will not leave the hungry from Greece.

In this article disassembled countries that are very differ from each other. At least once, but everyone should visit these amazing countries with a rich history.

The most interesting and popular countries to visit

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