The most interesting airports in the world

Do not rush to panic if you have a long expectation at the airport. If your dock is assumed in one of the airports, we will tell about today, get ready for me to fly away from there. These airports have become the most real attractions in their cities.


Changi Airport is repeatedly recognized as the best airport of the world according to Skytrax, including in the category "Best Leisure". Here you can visit the Botanical Garden, a pond with rare rocks and sunflower garden on the roof of the airport in the open air. For transit passengers, free two-hour city excursions are offered. Huge bonus &# 8211; Excellent pool and Jacuzzi, overlooking the runway.


Munich Airport named after Franz-Josef Strausa – one of the largest in Germany. Here you and surfing in a specially equipped pool and an indoor ice rink. Near the pool there is a mini-beach with sun loungers, where you can sunbathe. Do not want to lie without? Sign up for surfing lessons on an artificial wave &# 8211; Boards, Wetsuits and Instructor Services are absolutely free! After the lesson, you can relax on the Skywalk viewing area, from where you can admire the takeoff and landing of the aircraft.


In Schiphol, there is a branch of the State Museum of the Netherlands – Reyxmuseum. In the "Dutch Boulevard" there are constantly exhibitions of painting and other works of art. There is also a permanent exposure that includes ten paintings of Dutch artists. Visit to the museum and library (books are collected in 29 world languages) for free, and spend money or, on the contrary, you can earn them in a local casino. To put on red or black, it is necessary to present a passport and boarding pass.


Be how at home, traveler: Paying 48 euros for 3 hours. Slip apartment right at Vantaa Airport. Almost @ Home Lounge offers a computer and library, TV with sofas, bedrooms and a kitchen. In the refrigerator there are always fresh products from which you can cook food.


The most interesting airports in the world

Even if you are a budget traveler, at Incheon Airport you will feel like a millionaire. Golf Club, SPA Center, Cinema, Korean Culture Museum, Concert Hall, where national motives sound &# 8211; Do not even know if you will have time to visit all the sites for the next flight. Do not forget the most important thing &# 8211; Visit the open area to observe the runway.


Tokyo Nariti Airport has free shower, numerous spa salons, hairdressers, laundry, hotel &# 8211; And all this is not only for people, but also for their pets, for which even the veterinary clinic is open.

San &# 8211; Francisco

San Francisco Airport has an impressive civil aviation museum. The halls are decorated here in the style of the 30s, and reduced copies of aircraft of different years and numerous exhibits from the history of aviation are amazing. Immediately you can find samples of passenger seats – from rare to modern, flight form, as well as other artifacts from the world of the sky and flights. Visiting the museum for free. At the airport there is a library and regular exhibitions of contemporary art.

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