The most interesting about Chile

Kirill Zenchev for eight years worked as a lawyer, and then in search of adventures went on a long journey through the countries of Latin America. At the last lecture "My Planet" in the cultural center ZIL Kirill told about the most beautiful places, the most interesting facts and remarkable features of Chile.

As Bolivians on the Chileans offended

In the middle of the XIX century, the so-called second Pacific War broke out, the reason for which the claims were made to control the fields of Selitra. The confusion within the boundaries and long discussions poured into an armed capture from Chile, which was the result of an accession to Chile of the territory and Bolivia, and Peru. As a result, Chile got the Selitra deposits, and Bolivia lost access to the ocean. 150 years have passed, and the Bolivians are still offended by Chile and at each other case do not forget to remember this injustice.

I am from the eighth, and she is from the third

The territory of Chile has an oblong shape and stretched from north to south. Thanks to this feature, Chile can be proud of an amazing combination of a variety of natural zones, but both travels and guests of the country have to overcome considerable distances to see everything. In the north there is the most dry in the world of Atakam desert, landscapes resemble Egypt, there are not enough Bedouins. South more reminds our North and Scandinavia with its coniferous forests, lakes and fjords.

In 1974, all regions of the country were numbered from top to bottom (from north to south), therefore, when two new regions were singled out in 2007, they were included in the total chain, and the 14th, for example, was between the 9th and 10th. In everyday life, the Chileans use precisely numbering, and not name. So they say, for example: "I am from the eighth, and it from the third!"

Easter Island’s famous Easter Islands also applies to the territory of Chile. Manytends of antiquity mysteries can get there from the continent, but it is worth considering that the remoteness of the island from the coast is more than 3,500 km.

Prices and quality of service

The most interesting about Chile

In the 70-80s of the XX century, the country was ruled by Augusto Pinochet. In many ways, thanks to its reforms, the country was able to make a big jerk in its development. Although the period of the Board of Pinochet is evaluated in different ways, and many believe that success in the economy does not justify the huge number of repression victims and hard regime. To date, the highest income per capita from all countries of Latin America, and having visited there, clearly see how far the Chileans left their neighbors.

It is important for the traveler to understand that it is unlikely to go there budget, but it doesn’t have to complain about the quality. The minimum prices for accommodation and food are quite high (above, perhaps, only in Brazil in South America), but it will be clean, comfortable and tasty. Small but still plus – visa for citizens of the our Federation for visiting chili is not required. You can be there 90 days.

To fly to Chile from Russia is now quite unprofitable, the ticket will cost at least 120 thousand rubles. There is a backup option – to fly to Buenos Aires, and then get to Chile by bus (about 20 hours). So you can significantly save on the tickets. Railway communication within the country is absent, so it makes sense or rent a car (especially if you have a whole company of friends, which will allow to divide the cost of renting and gasoline), or move on buses. The three-hour trip will cost about $ 18-20, which is two to three times more expensive than in neighboring countries, but buses are very comfortable and driving fast.

In the south of the country, you can transfer to the ferry and plentyfulness in love with fjords, penguins, learn a lot of interesting things about Chile. Details can be clarified on the site. This, by the way, is the most convenient way to get to the pearl of Patagonia – National Park.

The most interesting about Chile

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