The most incredible lakes of the world

While the focus and admiration gets seas and oceans, for their immeasibility, depth and strength, aside, gradually begin to attract people of the lake from around the world. There are such countless things that are listed in this article just a few.


The lake combines the most strange and unimaginable set of colors. As if from any fantastic book, or history. Water color from red to violet, from orange to pink. Dilutes this fire a lot of whitish mineral islets and large flocks flamingo. All this magnificence is inappropriate under a bright blue sky, among which the pearls lost in the clouds.

Seeing once, in the heart will be forever the desire to purchase your house on the coast of Lake. All these boats, houses, embankment. And what are the treats and desserts here. Blue of the lake, surrounded by the majestic mountains, stuck in the memoirs and does not let go for a minute.


Baikal known All world, After all, it is the deepest existing lakes of the Earth. Incredible ice, the strongest and charming, from the end of January to March, freezes on his extraordinary intent. Somewhere it is covered with rather huge cracks, somewhere decorated with millions of air bubbles seeking to the surface in the form of columns. It can also be found like a broken, as after traveling, ice layered on each other. All this spectacle is also supported by huge grots completely from ice. Tourists can be sure of such a simple, you can ride not only ice skating, but even at the jeep.


Currently, pass to the lake, or even finding directly among it, &# 8211; prohibited. Can be observed only from the distance. Ancient tribes always considered water from this spotted, like snake leather, sacred lake. In their opinion, she saved from a variety of diseases and serious wounds. Spotted it because of salt sediments, between which the water remains, it was precisely for deposits before.

Five-color pond

The most incredible lakes of the world

Perhaps this lake can truly consider one of Wonders of Light. Not freezing in winter and not drying in the summer, it affects the richness of flowers and shades. Here is the emerald, and azure-blue, and copper, and even mustard yellow. All these paints find a place to be due to the chemical elements in the water, which, by the way, remains crystal clear all year round. Even twigs and small pebbles on the bottom.


Once nearby, you can feel yourself on another planet. Deserted place canyon, with an unusual landscape, barking blue lake. Here you can try yourself in kayaking and hayking.


Located Three lakes in a volcanic crater. They have one interesting feature in what can change their color for some time. The palette begins from the palette-blue, and ends in ink black. Meet the dawn on the top of the dream of many travelers.

The most incredible lakes of the world

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