The most healthy nutrition on the planet or what is eaten in space

Cosmophood do so. You take the best raw (only natural – no dyes, preservatives and other chemistry), specially designed technologies and "fuel" all the highest quality standards. These are not empty di-grabs manufacturers. It is a fact. The most healthy nutrition on the planet is supplied to the orbit.

In our country, a whole institution – a food center industry and special food technology (NIPPPT) works on the creation of space food, which is under Moscow. Research Institute of Tasty and Healthy Food, as Cosmonauts Call It is called.

However, externally, the most healthy food looks like dry windows – fast-standing soup, porridge, soups – only in vacuum packages. The first and second dishes, cottage cheese, drinks and some other products are really dried under vacuum (and first frozen at temperatures from -30 ° to -70 °). But it is necessary to save 97% of food properties, the weight of them is less than (which is important when shipping into space), and the shelf life is more.

The rest of the grocery breach is waiting for thermal sterilization and canned food. First of all it concerns meat and fish. And in the US, meat is also irradiated that according to our standards is prohibited. It is possible to avoid all executions only to nuts, vegetables and fruits, which are supplied to the ISS unchanged. They are only treated with special solutions rich antioxidants that allow you to keep freshness up to 40 days. And this is not the limit. The research institute has been developed that allows you to maintain products with edible three years. "So from the point of view of feeding the flight of the piloted ship, let’s say, I have no special problems," said Viktor Dobrovolsky in one of the interviews.

Just add water

… and "orbital doširak" will turn into a delicious dish. For this, special machines with heated water are installed on the ISS, gentle by astronauts "samovars" (though, there are no boiling water in them – the water temperature in orbit can reach 85 °, not more). Cosmonaut cares for the first layer of the vacuum package with products (not to the end – small parts are scattered at the station and can deliver a lot of inconvenience to the crew members!), connects it to the pump, from which the desired volume of water is received (it is specified on each packet), and then the package of the bag.

All this time, he needs to hold hard in his hands, so as not to flew away: hot water bubbles in it – the threat of crew and equipment. Now you need to wait 15 minutes – to fully restore the product – and eat food with a special spoon straight from the package. To leave your dinner on the table (and added then) – it needs to be glued. Ordinary scotch.

Overseas Ikra

Stingy. And it is ordered exclusively from the Far East. Cosmonauts can have something to your heart (excluding all sorts of "harm" like alcohol and soda). Especially for the new year. In general, a special "container of preferences" for each cosmonaut is formed before any start.

Eating cosmos conquers four times a day. The standard daily menu of ours in orbit may look like. Breakfast: chicken meat with nutmeg, buckwheat porridge with milk, coffee with sugar, cookies, wheat bread bakery, cottage cheese, prunes. Lunch: Snack in Greek, Harcho Soup, Bulgarian Beans, Rye Bread, Almond, Apple Juice, Sugar Tea. Dinner: Pilaf, Oatmeal Porridge, Honey, Fruit Cottage Cheese, Sugar Tea, Apricot Juice. Canned fish and meat and meat come in each meal additionally, if the cosmonaut suddenly does not want the main dish.

A variety of products in orbit can give odds to even some earthly restaurants – about 300 items. But one of the most beloved dishes, which, according to employees of the Research Institute, cosmonauts are ordered absolutely always, – branded cottage cheese with nuts. His, by the way, adore American astronauts, in whose menu is not a cottage cheese. ours are loved by American coffee.

At astronauts from other countries and the menu. The Chinese have rice, chicken, pork. Japanese, understandable, – sushi, noodles soup, soy sauce and green tea. And the French can order even truffles in orbit. True, when the French astronaut tried to take a beloved cheese with mold, Roscosmos had to intervene: the product could disrupt the biological environment at the station and was seized.

Down Tubes!

Yes Yes. They have long gone in the past. Almost. Only sauces, seasonings, mustard and honey are supplied to the ISS tubes. By the way, Salonka and the List in orbit are not jars with holes, but small bottles. Because salt and pepper here – in the form of solutions. In a dry form, they are dangerous, as they fly down the station, score equipment, filters and fall into the respiratory tract of astronauts. For the same reason, the station workers prefer not to bread (which one or another she cries), and the Tortyl – a thin cube of corn or wheat flour, which is much more elastic.

The most healthy nutrition on the planet or what is eaten in space

Bread, however, as we said, also comes in orbit, but in very small portions. Rye – 4.5 g, wheat – 4 g. So that you can immediately put in your mouth and go. The same tiny rugs and rolls – for one bite.

About taste

Cosmonauts complain that often during meals feel something "not that": then the cutlets are fresh, then juice sour. What is it connected – it is unclear. One of the reasons, as scientists believe, lies in the fact that in conditions of weightlessness, blood is stronger than on earth, "sticks" into the upper part of the body. This may affect the smell and perception of taste. And they say that weightlessness affects metabolism.

To make food cosmonauts picantly, a large number of all kinds of sharp sauces supply in orbit.

1 / 0.9 / 3.5

This is the main formula of proteins, fats and carbohydrates (respectively) for one meal of astronaut. Everything is painted to the smallest. Microbiological indicators of products, micro- and macroelements, vitamins and other beneficial substances. Total daily dose of calories that cosmonaut should get – 3200.

The compilation of your menu is involved, as it was said, and the erects themselves. Tasting dishes, they estimate them on a nine bull. Those that scored an average estimate below 6 points, out of the competition. There is all honest.

The most healthy nutrition on the planet or what is eaten in space

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