The most girl museum

For which I love big cities, so this is for the fact that they are never boring. Now never! You just don’t have a chance to get bored when every weekend is faced with the choice: go to the movies, to the newly discovered exhibition, in an advised cafe or one of the hundreds of museums. In Amsterdam, things are so.

There are many different sectoral museums, but that would prefer any girl? Of course, the most girl from them is a museum of the handbag (Museum of Bags and Purses)!

I must say that, of course, the target audience of the museum is predominantly feminine, but my faithful, oddly enough, it was also very interesting to cultivate products. It seems, the mastery of the manufacture of handbags is comparable to the skill of making armor or swords who love to admire the boy. So feel free to take your adult boys with you! 🙂

The museum collection occupies a whole floor and is the exhibits of different epochs: almost from the Middle Ages until recent years.

It is affecting not only and not so much design, how much variety of materials: here and beads, and leather, and bone, and turtle shells.

This is especially remembered by a breaker. Now the defenders of animals would not miss such, but earlier – please, immediately can be seen from which the handbag is made! Confess, everything inside is compressed when looking at this poor animal: it seems, and beautiful, and it seems, and scary somehow.

Each era was "favourite" The material reflecting not only the tastes of the fashionable public, but also the stage of progress that industry reached.

Well, and, of course, the beauty of the product firstly depended on the masters talent. At least to the overthrow of the industrial revolution.

Handbags did not always wear on hand or shoulder. There were also such that just fastened to the belt or hid under numerous skirts. After all, in such bags, the hostess kept the most valuable! 🙂

Be a schoolboy and so not easy, and here are also such -! Sigor Dutch morals 🙂 But as a sled, probably such a satisfaction is perfect!

Handbag for traveling about travels.

And for practical travelers.

Och-ch-Chen convenient suitcase. Why now they do not release?

And this, apparently, Ridicul for beach lovers.

The most girl museum

Here I am amazed: what about "expensive" May look plastic! It is now we are accustomed that only the idle consumer goods are born from this artificial material, and at the dawn there was still a new material and knew how to compose beauty from it.

Perhaps the most memorable exhibit for us has become this basket for picnics. No, well, you look! Mice! With Ryumashkami!

And cut into cards! So pulls, khm, in nature.

Showcase with exhibits of the second half of the 20th century can be seen from afar – everything is bright, unusual forms and is designed to amaze. Here is a bag-phone – even before the era of mobile phones.

Okay, this is not a bank cover, but a handbag, it is implemented.

And the exhibition of the model bags of modern designers is completed. For each of them, any fashionista was ready to be walked 🙂

And we descend to the exit, bypassing the temporary exposition on the second floor, the museum cafe (very pretty) and a souvenir shop (where there are good handbags on sale – in case you have inspired the museum collection so much, which urgently want to replenish yours).

You will be in Amsterdam – do not regret 9 euros and an hour of time. Museum of the handbag will like everyone who loves history, beautiful, skillfully made things and fashion!

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