The most fragrant corner belongs to the Germans

Erfurt is considered the most beautiful and "floral" city, located in Germany. In addition to the abundance of medieval castles, the EGA has special fame – a park, which is a Garden and Park Complex. Initially, he was located in small alleys around the fortress, which existed also centuries ago, Kiriaksburg. Now, hundreds of landscaped art designers worked here, so that locals and guests of the country can appreciate more than 150 thousand. copies. It is noteworthy that it is in these squares that make up the grandiose compositions and flower delivery to various secular events. The idea not only to please tourists, but also make a profit for the content of the historical monument, belongs to the city hall.


The most fragrant corner belongs to the Germans

For the compilation of bouquets, only those plants that are planted too thickly, interfering with relatives to germinate. Thus, the gardeners purify the territory and create unique fragrant beams. Delivery is carried out specially trained couriers on machines with necessary equipment. It is rumored that the first lady of Erfurt is waking up every morning in the bedroom, decorated with fresh bakers from EGA. They are sold right in the center, in tent shops equipped with refreshing equipment that supports the temperature and humidity of the air so that the flowers stood longer. Part of the revenue money send in need. Recently, more and more help to poor families and orphans. This step was adopted unanimously. The budget for maintaining the purity and the removal of new varieties is enough completely, so it is logical to take care not only about the welfare of parks and elek, but also in the residents of Erfurt.

What a paradise corner without butterflies? These beautiful fluttering "fairies" tipped with every blow of the wind, creating the impression of the dance. Until now, employees cannot calculate how many species of representatives of fauna lives on the "serfdom" territory. Going to this place, it is worthwhile to visit the famous Garden Center to plunge into the atmosphere of peace and unity with nature.

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