The most famous temples of the world

Even if you are not a believer and treat religion so-so, it’s still interesting to know what they are &# 8211; The most famous temples of the world. In fact, they are not so much already, but everyone heard each of them, it certainly. So, we remind.

Taj Mahal

The temple admires not one generation of tourists not only with its architecture, but also the very history of construction. Built it Shah Jahan as a sign of love for your wife. Consists of a mausoleum and mosques that are surrounded by three picturesque parks. In addition, the river Jamna flows nearby. All this allows Taj Mahalu to be in the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

Westminster Abbey (Church of St. Peter)

Located in London and is one with the most visited attractions of London. Built in 1740 g., decorated in the Gothic style, early served not only as a church, but also as Location of coronation of the monarchs of England. To date, one part of the Westminster Abbey is departed to the college, and the other &# 8211; serves as a tomb for famous British, and as a church, and as a museum, &# 8211; After all, the samples of medieval English art are stored.

Cologne Cathedral of St. Peter and Mary

He became a real durable decoration of the city of Cologne (Germany) and a bright representative of the architecture of Gothic. The spiers of his towers rise at 157 meters. During World War II, the cathedral remained almost intact, except for windows. This is a place where you can visit both the church service and the museum, which is in the cathedral, and admire the incredible collection of paintings, sculptures and jewels.

Monastery Taktsang &# 8211; Jong (Lakhang)

it &# 8211; Symbol of Butane, Located on the edge of the rock at an altitude of 3,000 m above sea level and 700 m above the local Valley of Paro. Unfortunately, tourists are allowed to overdone only in one part of the temple &# 8211; Tsogyal Pangchun, because only pilgrims have access to the rest of the shrines.

Las Lahas Cathedral

The most famous temples of the world

Negotic basilica posted Not far from the city of Ipagees, Colombia. Construction of the cathedral ended only at the beginning of the 20th century. Bridge connects the city with the cathedral through the abyss. Legend says that he was built In honor of the appearance of the Virgin Mary on the stone, on the site of which is Las Lahas. The Cathedral houses a cave with a miraculous picture of the Virgin Mary, which heals and is the main shrine of the temple.

Cathedral of Basil Blessed (Cathedral of the Pokrova Mother of God on the Ravy)

Take an excursion in Moscow. There is a huge number of interesting sights, including this temple. It is famous not only by its location on the Red Square, but also with their charming festive appearance. He belongs to representatives of the Old our culture.

Impressive not only the facade, but also Interior of the cathedral, which is decorated with oil painting and frescoes of 16-19 centuries. Not only beautiful orthodox icons are presented here, but also portrait and landscape gallery of the 19th century, as well as church utensils. In the 20s. 20th century became not only the cathedral, but also a museum, and later &# 8211; I got into the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

Milan Cathedral

One of the gothic attractions of Milan (and all Italy) was built in the period from 1386 g. By the beginning of the 19th century. Placed On the main square of Milan, in the historic part of the city. This Cathedral &# 8211; The second largest Catholic temple in the world. The material from which he was built &# 8211; White marble. Moreover, on each side of the review, the temple seems different due to the thread.

The most famous temples of the world

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