The most famous squares of the old Havana

Havana – Multician and Exotic Capital of Cuba, the city in which it would be stopped by the current time; Dynamic and Full Noise Megapolis. The culture of the modern island capital stirred the traditions of many nations, including, of course, the Spaniards. The historic center of the city is one and a half hectare of beautiful ensembles, Square and parks.

The beginning of all Spanish cities in the Middle Ages served the square. Tradition to start the construction of any settlement from the planning of the main square brought the Spaniards to Cuba.

Which area of ​​Havana is primarily worth paying attention to the tourist?

  • Plaza de Armaas
  • Cathedral Square
  • Plasa Vieha

Plaza de Armaas

The oldest area of ​​Havana, from all sides built of colonial style buildings. Initially, Plaza de Armaas was intended to prepare the Spanish army. Every year, on the day of St. Cristobal, the Havanents come to the chapel located in the center of the square. There is a belief that, if you make a desire and turn a cotton tree three times growing at the chapel, then Dream will definitely come true. It is believed that this is the very tree planted by the Spaniards at the base of the city. The monument to Karos Manuel de Saspentes, the first president of independent Cuba.

The most famous squares of the old Havana

Plaza de Armaas – favorite place meeting of residents of the city. On the square there are a lot of bequinist shops – True, they are mainly selling books for tourists.

Cathedral Square

Initially, the area was called Bolotnaya due to severe rainfall, flooding it and interfering with movement. Renamed the area after the construction of the Cathedral of St. Christopher – The main attraction of Square. Up to our days, the square almost remained in its original form.

Museums and cathedral buildings are constantly restored. Around the perimeter of the square there are cafes where travelers can admire Havana sights at dinner. And wishing to relax in the cafe a lot, despite the high prices. Street musicians appear on the square in the evening.

Plasa Vieha

Translated as &# 8220; Old Square&# 8221;. Originally was &# 8220; new square&# 8221;, but as the capital develops, this territory Havana lost its former role, and Square was renamed. In spite of everything, it is still the largest square in Old Havana.

Plaza Vieja embodies the entire originality of Cuban architecture: here the unimaginable way is intertwined among themselves, it would seem that inequate architectural styles. The most attractive structures in this plan &# 8211; House Kaz Del Konde de Kaza Litzioo, in which the art gallery is located, and Casa de Mercides, in which the photo library is now located.

Some buildings collapsed, but many of them were renovated and eventually entered the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

Old area can be visited at any time of the day, because it looks great and afternoon, and at night. Freshly cut buildings at night old square seem toy In the light of many lights.

Finally, I would like to say a little about ways to move around the city. Best of course, walk away, Enjoying the flavor of local streets. In addition, you can rent a scooter for moving along the Havana. So you can quickly cover all the sights and do not waste time for long walking under the hot sun.

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