The most famous oceanariums of the world

Nowadays, you can get acquainted with the wonders of nature, without exposing their life danger. And some – to have and at home, for example, buy an aquarium in the online store and create your own coral reef. This article will talk about the most famous oceanariums of the world. Visiting them, you can touch the wondrous world of sea depths.

The most famous oceanarium in the world is located in the USA, the city of Atlanta. It is called the Aquarium of the State of Georgia. What is surprising is that this aquarium is home to over 110,000 live marine life. These figures are dazzling. In this aquarium you will see dolphins, sharks, rays, turtles and even whale beluga, which is an endangered species.

Aquarium of the state of Georgia consists of 6 rooms, each unique in its own way. One of the halls of the exhibition is dedicated to frogs. Believe me, even to watch the frogs incredibly exciting.

Sydney Aquarium can interest you so that it can observe the life of sharks and not be afraid for their safety. Sharks you will see in front of you and it’s amazing.

The most famous oceanariums of the world

Portuguese is also popular oceanarium, which is placed in the Park of Nations. It inhabits 16,000 living organisms, the life of which you can watch. This aquarium has become famous due to the fact that it home to rare moon fish and crab spiders. Not everyone can boast of having seen such unusual animals.

Oceanarium Tyuraumi Okinawa is located in Japan. It consists of 4 floors and you’re going down, watch a variety of underwater inhabitants. Here you can see the dolphins in all their glory, incredibly beautiful manatees, turtles that live in special aquariums and many other marine animals.

As you can see, a lot of miracles in our world. Therefore, my advice is: do not miss the opportunity to enjoy them. A visit to any of the oceanarium will be postponed in your memory for years to come.

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