The most famous, high and wide waterfalls of the world

Angel Falls (Angel Falls) – Is Venezuela, among the rainforest of the National Canaima Park and is considered the highest waterfall on our planet, with a height of 979 meters. The height of the continuous drop of water is about 807 meters.

The waterfall was named so named Letchik James Eingela (from English. Angel) who flew through it in 1935.

Thanks to a huge height, falling jets of water during flight to Earth create a fog that can be seen a few kilometers from the waterfall.

Victoria, Africa

Victoria Falls (Victoria Falls) – Large waterfall on the River Zambezi in southern Africa, named after Queen Victoria and located on the border of two African natural parks – «National Park Radding Smoke» In Zambia I «Victoria Falls National Park» in Zimbabwe.

His width – About 1800 meters, height – Approximately 108 meters.

Victoria is the only waterfall in the world having a height of more than one hundred meters and more than one kilometer wide, and also considered one of the main attractions of the region.

Waterfall Victoria in spring is the most full-breed, when about five million liters of water falls down every second, and there is a cloud of steam above the waterfall.

Iguazu, South America

Iguazu Falls (Iguazu Falls) – The major range of waterfalls on the Iguazu River of the South America, located on the border of Brazil and Argentina, on the territory of the two of the National Parks «Iguasu» – Argentinean and Brazilian.

Waterfall Iguazu was created as a result of a strong volcanic eruption formed cleft in the ground.

Iguazu waterfalls complex has a width of about 2,700 meters and includes more than 250 individual waterfalls, with a height of a drop of reaching an average of 60-82 meters.

The most famous, high and wide waterfalls of the world

The peak of the power of this waterfall falls on March-April when Iguazu collapses more than 10 thousand. Cubic meters of water every second.

Niagara Falls, North America

Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls)– The world-famous complex of waterfalls located in North America, on the Niagara River, on the border of the United States and Canada.

Niagara consists of three separate waterfalls: «Horseshoe» (Horseshoe Falls), also known as Canadian Waterfall (Canadian Falls). American Falls (American Falls), and very close to him – waterfall «Veil» Bridal Veil Falls).

The height difference in these waterfalls is not very large, but they are very wide, due to which the Niagara Waterfall, the most powerful water in North America.

Maximum height of waterfalls – About 53 meters. Due to the journey of the boulders at the foot of the American waterfall its visible height – Only 21 meters. Width of American waterfall – Approximately 323 meters, waterfall width «Horseshoe» – About 792 meters.

The most colorful view of the Niagara Falls opens from the Canadian side.

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