The most famous and famous streets of the world – Manyat or repel?

Talk to you about the main streets of big cities. They are always overwhelmed by people, they are the main arteries of the city where life boils. You can not love the attacker and despise the walk through the central avenues, but sooner or later your tourist destiny will still bring you to these places.

Therefore, we will make an overview of the most famous and famous streets of the world, and you ourselves decide to strive in their direction, like butterflies on the light, or bypass their tenth expensive, because "you can see and show themselves to people in other places.

No. 1 – Fifth Avenue in New York. They say about it: was not on this famous street – was not in America. All the most famous sights and the most expensive places focused on there.

When you walk along this street, you remember the phrase from the movie "Millionaire from Slumbits" about the center of the planet, and we are in the very center of this center.

For number 2, we move to San Francisco on Lombard Street.

Residents of the city sincerely believe that this is the most beautiful street in the world, because the inconvenience of the landscape they turned into a "highlight". On a very cool slope laid a very winding road. It was done specifically so as not so hard and cool climb up.

Despite the fact that you have to make damn a dozen turns, no one complains about "jerpery". From above, this street resembles a snake. But at the same time it is green and cozy.

№ 3 and my personal favorite is located in Buenos Aires.

I feel a huge sympathy for wide avenues, where many spaces around, and Avenue July 9 is the biggest street in the world. For the carriageway there is provided. stripes in both sides. Yes, and pedestrians did not disappoint sidewalks.

The most famous and famous streets of the world - Manyat or repel

And if anyone is interested in the authentic English architecture, instead of London, it is better to go to Sherborne.

You can walk along the cute street Half Moon Street. Probably, it is about this "Half of the Moon" Sang Jenis Joplin. If you like Gothic and Victorian style in buildings, then you are on the right track.

And the final stop number 5 in our China. Pinjiang Road in Suzhou is one and a half kilometer of the river path. Cars do not go there, you can move only on boats and boats. Or walk on the bridges from one shore to another.

Special charm this place is given beautiful gardens and peace, which seems to be in the atmosphere.

Well, how? Manyat or repel you the most famous and famous streets of the world?

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