The most extravagant restaurants in the world

Talking recently about three cafes, equipped in public transport, I thought about what else is capable of sophisticated (or perverted?) Fantasy owners of restaurants and cafes in trying not only and not so much to feed how much the attention of visitors to their extravagance?

It turned out that in this area there is absolutely no limit, no boundaries and no restrictions. Bars in the caves, in ice and under water we will not even consider, because it is boring and not interesting. Last century! Today in fashion, everything is expedited and uncomfortable.

For example, the restaurant at the hotel Soneva Kiri Resor, which in Thailand, plucked on the tops of the trees. Those who want to snack are closed there using cables, and the food is spreading the waiter moving with Lian.

Another similar miracle is located on the island of Tobago in the town of Sprayeside. In this restaurant with the romantic name Jemma’s Sea View Kitchen serves wonderful seafood dishes, and a magnificent view opens out of the window. However, the doubt and stiffness of the design does not cancel.

The most extravagant restaurants in the world

A lot of this respect distinguished the hotel Villa Escudero Resort, which is in the Philippines. The local restaurant is located at the foot of the waterfall, so that visitors of the restaurant have the opportunity during the expectation of dishes not only to enjoy the noise of falling water, but also refreshing or rolling legs.

But we will distract from unusual locations and turn to an unusual entoux. And here the fantasy rusty is simply processed. Restaurant "House of Hobbits" in Manila – the capital of Philippines, in which the whole service consists of dwarfs. Ukrainian restaurant "Eternity" in Truskavets, in the registration of which used funeral themes with coffins and funeral wreaths – as they say, if you choose, nothing terrible, we already have everything inserted, right there and the commemoration will define, without departing from the cash register. In the German city, Rüdesheim has a prison restaurant, and a restaurant-toilet has a restaurant-toilet in the Chinese city of Taipei.

Unusual locations, concepts and design are complemented by unusual menus. In the Japanese capital restaurant "Cannibalistic sushi", food is served in an edible dissected corpse. Korea is famous for the branded dish of living octologists. In the American Restaurant, Ganja Gourmet use marijuana as seasoning to dishes, and in the Japanese "Cafe Zombie" disfigured waitresses will serve you Blood Miselina with a floating eye – a pleasant appetite!

The most extravagant restaurants in the world

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