The most expensive cruises of the world: World Cruise 2015

Silverse Cruises is one of the bright leaders in the market of sea cruises of class-luxury. The company’s fleet consists of 8 luxury liners floating all year round around the world. In addition to transatlantic cruises, Silversea also offers cruises on the red and black seas, and, of course, cruises for the Mediterranean Sea.

The cost of a 115-day travel on a small luxury luxury luxury cruise liner with an occasion of 30 countries (French Polynesia, Australia, Indonesia, Brunei, China, Seychelles, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, South Africa, Cape Verde Puerto Rico and T.e) and 50 ports ranged from $ 60950 to $ 175250 per person.

For this money guest received transfer to the port and back, chic cabin with a balcony, premium service, food Unique memorable gifts and much more. On this liner there was a small number of guests – Total 382, ​​and therefore more free space and cozy chamber furnishings.

And since the ship is not very large (length – 190 meters, 10 floors, designed for 382 passengers and 295 crew members), it was able to swim in small exotic harbor in which huge cruise liners cannot enter.

The most expensive cruises of the world World Cruise 2015

By the way, the Silver Whisper ship provides more free space per passenger than any other cruise ship in the world, all cabins here are only with balconies and the ratio of passengers to the service personnel also one of the highest in the industry – 1.31 K 1.

This wonderful cruise started on January 5, 2015 on the West Coast of the United States in Los Angeles, and his final point was in Fort Lauderdale (Florida) on the Eastern Coast of America.

The most expensive cruises of the world World Cruise 2015

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