The most expensive 8-kilometer journey

"For alone ascent to Everest is" Resurrection "and the beginning of a new life. For others – Crucifixion and death…. and if mountaineering is religion, then Everest is the highest in the world of "Calvary", and everyone who goes on it may have his own cross himself. ". Well said yes. About this and talk.

Climbing jomolungum – who needs it? Why? For the sake of what goal? I will not criticize or admire this event. I’ll just tell you how everything happens really.

If you really want to lose 15-20 kg in 2 months, then forward to Tibet. And if you have nowhere to do $ 50,000 and I really want extreme, then you are on the right track.

Question – why 8845 m so long to overcome – as many as 60 days? And why this pleasure is so expensive?

Because too complicated conditions and too much junk need to drag with you – here’s the answer.

To anyone needs accompanying Sherp with a cauldron, which will be traded behind the luggage required to provide livelihoods. After a few kilometers of adventure seeker will begin to plot from the lack of oxygen. And one balloon costs about $ 1000, and all of them need 4-6 pieces.

It is also necessary to somehow get to the foot of the mountain, paying for Tips Sherpam – these are Tibetan residents who are accustomed to living in these cruel conditions. It is said that in the area of ​​the mountains there are such accompanying who conquered Everest 10 times in a row. You can imagine it?

Meanwhile, history says that in 60 years since the first conquest of Jomolungma, only a little more than 1,000 people have achieved their goal. And about 200 people died along the way ..

The most expensive 8-kilometer journey

In fact, the climbing to Everest is first of all the "shirt" – a little bit to move forward, so that it will fall back to go back. Walking forward, you need to throw different things to some particular place, to figure out the transshipment camp later, and back – to spend the night in the current camp, collect the rest of the thing and go ahead to the new "hotel". And so 60 times in a row.

Tourists who paid the above amount are almost nothing – only enjoy the harsh beauty of the mountains and gaining strength. For their money, the forwarding company provides life, relative amenities, protection and safety. But it is VIP-offers.

And there are both budgetary ascension – it’s not so comfortable and you need to work. But in principle, to save on ascent is quite possible, except from the fee for permission to climb (official payment) not to rely.

There are cases when they went to the mountain not only without accompanying, but even without oxygen. True, they say that with oxygen fasting on the sixth kilometer of the way, hallucinations begin with climbers.

But whatever the ways the person did not go to the desired point, all of them combines one desire – to satisfy personal ambitions. And you thought?))

The most expensive 8-kilometer journey

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