The most exotic fruits from around the world

Today I suggest to consider the most interesting and unusual fruits from all over the world:

This fruit is called the "Buddha’s Hand", but in fact it is called "Citron Palm". Fruit has a sweet taste and it is often offered in Chinese temples as a symbol of good luck and happiness.

Durian – famous for a very smelly, but delicious fruit. It grows mainly in South Asian countries.

Longan or "Eye of the Dragon" – this fruit is very loved in China. It is often added to soups, various snacks or just eating raw.

Mangostan – a favorite dessert in South Asian countries. Can be used to flesh, but still most often just eating raw.

Palmyra – an unusual fruit inside which there are several very tasty jelly walnut. Grows in India, Asia and Malaysia.

Javanese apple – to taste very much resembles ordinary juicy apples, but has a completely different form.

The most exotic fruits from around the world

Tamarind is a fruit from Africa, which externally resembles bean pods, but inside contains sour, similar to pomegranates, grains.

Aki – the fruits of this fruit most often can be noticed in Jamaica. He is very loved by local residents, they eat them raw or injection to popular Caribbean dishes.

Poola – unusual and very beautiful sweet fruit from Micronesia. Its leaves are used as seasoning in sweet dishes, and oil and flowers are considered healing.

Akeby – Very interesting fruit growing in Japan. His pulp eats like a sweet fruit dessert, but the external purple sheath is prepared like a vegetable.

The most exotic fruits from around the world

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