The most economically successful US cities

At the end of 2011, Milken Institute published another annual report and identified 25 most economically successful US cities in 2011. Milken Institute (Milken Institute) – is an independent non-profit organization based in Santa Monica (California).

Industry experts, analysts and economists of the Milken Institute prepared a study «The most successful cities of the United States», in which the best urban agglomerations of the United States on economic indicators for 2011 was determined. In total, 379 urban agglomerations were rented in the report, divided by the number of residents into 2 groups: more / less than 200 thousand inhabitants. The final place was determined according to «Index of success», In which such factors were taken into account as the preservation and increase in jobs, the growth of salaries and income, investment in production and technology. The index took into account long-term (5 years) and short-term (1 year) measurement.

Perhaps for many our-speaking readers will be surprising to see the names of unknown cities for them. This is manifested by special diversification of America – economically prosperous and developed regions can be located anywhere in the country.

It is worth noting that the city of the state of Texas occupied 4 of the top 5 and 9 from the top 25 rating positions. This is not surprising, every 5th workplace created in the period between June 2010 and June 2011 was created in Texas. Qualified employees get smaller money than in New York or California. In addition, Texas is one of the few states in which there is no profit tax (State Income Tax). In addition to Texas, only Utah is in the ranking of economically successful cities over 1 position. In this case, as in Texas, the first role is coming out a matter of smaller costs.

/ 1st place / San Antonio (Texas)

San Antonio did not become the best city in any of the categories, but a balanced economy led him to 1 place. Employment in San Antonio exceeded the indicators to recession. New Toyota Auto Plant is gaining momentum. In addition, the Energy Companies Halliburton and Schlumberger are interested in the region. According to the results of 2010, San Antonio held in the report 14.

/ 2nd place / El Paso (Texas)

El Paso effectively uses proximity to the Mexican border. Many workers who earn their lives in Mexico, spend their salary in El Paso.

/ 3rd place / agglomeration Fort Collins – Loveland (Colorado)

The main source of prosperity of this urban agglomeration is Colorado State University. Highly paid jobs, including Intel and Agilent Technologies.

/ 4th place / agglomeration Austin – Round Rock (Texas)

In Round Rock is based on the international headquarters of the company Dell. Other major Employers in the Region: Apple, AT&T, IBM. In addition, in Austin, business is carried out: Samsung, Ebay, Facebook.

/ 5th place / agglomeration killin – Temple – Fort Hood (Texas state)

Close ties with military bases helped to attract highly paid jobs from companies such as Northrop Grumman and Westar. At the end of 2010, this urban agglomeration, located in the center of Texas, held 1 place in the report.

/ 6th place / Salt Lake City (Utah)

Salt Lake City is a productive combination of accessible human resources and low business costs. Highly paid jobs in high-tech enterprises and mining of natural resources.

/ 7th place / Anchorage (Alaska)

Anchorage – Important Transport Knot. In conditions of excitement in the Middle East and growing demand in emerging markets, large energy projects of Anchorage are becoming increasingly important.

/ 8th place / Huntsville (Alabama)

The basis of the economy – military and aerospace industry. Large share of engineers in the total number of employed.

/ 9th place / agglomeration Provo – Ore (Utah)

An important source of skilled labor is the University of Brigham Young University (Brigham Young University), based in Provo. Among the companies seeking to be found in the region: EMC, Intel, Micron Technology, Adobe.

The most economically successful US cities

/ 10 Place / Saglomeration Kennevik – Richland – Pasco (Washington State)

The average size of the city agglomeration, located in the south-east of Washington, with developed production, health, IT sector.

Other cities in the top20 of economically prosperous cities of the United States:

/ 11 Place / Agglomeration Charleston – North Charleston (South Carolina State)

/ 12th place / agglomeration Cambridge – Newton – Flamingham (Massachusetts)

/ 13th place / Cedar Rapids (Iowa)

/ 14th place / agglomeration role – Carey (North Carolina state)

/ 15th place / agglomeration Ogden – Clearfield (Utah)

/ 16th place / Houston (Texas)

/ 17th place / agglomeration of Washington (Washington Arlington-Alexandria)

/ 18th place / agglomeration Mac-Allen – Edinburgh – Mice (Texas)

/ 19th place / agglomeration Little Rock – Northern Little Rock – Conway (Arkansas)

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