The most disgusting dishes of the world

V Cooking different countries of the world are often present not only Exquisite and delicious delicacies, but also all sorts, to put it mildly, "Strange" dishes. Some of them are so strange that it seems frank foreigners disgusting. We will find out what kind of dishes are considered to be today The most unappletent.


Opens our list of nasty dishes Kiwiism. This is an old Eskimo Delicates that Eskimos eat big holidays and all solemn events. It is preparing as follows: takes Downed Towa Tale and stuffed with small birds called Cleaners.
Wherein birds are not cleaned from feathers and skins. Next Talka Taley Sew, Abundant Falls fat and I’m buried in the ground For the term OT three months up to year. After Talka Focus In any particular solemn day and with appetite Easy to eat.
Eskima themselves Such a treat is eaten with Early years, so for them it is not only the usual and Delicious, But completely Safe. And here Inozeman, Decided to taste Kiviaka, Risk getting Serious poisoning.


Traditional a fish dish, which makes B Iceland. Something on the principle of cooking resembles the above described Kiwiism, But here as the basis most often use Meat of the Greenland Aclaus. Or any other shark, which is found in the local seas.
Traditional Haukarl prepared as follows: fresh shark neatly cut into pieces and lay out in special containers, Filled Gravel. Here Meat rows v For several months, In this case, everything toxic juices flow down In the crowd of gravel.
Then Slices of shark Extracted from containers and hang out outdoors on special Beams – More Four months of letting. After this dish you can eat. Truth, Characteristic smell Even after four months of staying in the fresh air, it does not disappear.


One more Dick dish From the kitchen Eskimos, which makes practical as well as Kiwiism. As a basis Callhan Takes Tusk deer, walrus or even whale, which Install in Earth for several months. There is a dish Fucked and soaked in a corpse poison, because of which Callhan is an Very dangerous and even mortal for all, Besides Eskimos, accustomed to such a kushan Children’s summer.
History of appearance Callhan associated with the fact that Traditional fishery of Eskimos – this is Hunting and fisheries. But they live on snowless and iced territory, where successful hunting happens rarely. And when this happens, Excess minced meat So here is a strange way (instillation in the ground) save on future, at a less good time.


Dish-dish Sweden, Local Delicacy Quashen Canvated herring, which is impossible to eat indoors because of his Unbearable odor. Moreover, Open Systemming Needless to open air, But it is best to Gloves, Stopping a bank under water, which at least partially prevent The spread of a murderous smell. Eat dish C Potato and onions.


Traditional Asian dish, Present Duck egg with already Formed inside Duckling. Are eating Ballet raw, first Drinking liquid, and after eating himself germ. It is considered so Useful dish, beneficially influencing Male power. Truly, Horrible dish, Especially for convinced Vegetarianians.


Regular Shock dish from Scandinavia. Lutefis – dish dried fish, which after drying additionally soaked during Three days in solution soda, and after still the same ordinary water. It turns out Jelly fish dish with very sharp and specific odor.


Fruit of Southeast Asia, which is extremely recommended to store in closed Boosters. Moreover, many airlines it strictly prohibited To carriage. And all because of his unbearable smell, which only increases with each passing day starting from the moment the fruit was thwarted. It is noteworthy that the taste Durian very pleasant, however, it should not be consumed with alcohol or in a state intoxication – available death due to heavy increasing pressure.


The most disgusting dishes of the world

Japanese dish, which is prepared from fermented soy beans. Looks like natto as a very viscous and sticky substance, radiating incredible odor, like ammonia odor. Japanese dish is very Like, and they appetite to eat it breakfast or at any other time of the day.

century-old eggs

Equally interesting is the traditional name Chinese dish. century-old eggsduck eggs, which coated with a special compound based Tea, lime, ash and other ingredients, then buried in the ground on several months. After a few months of their is extracted from the earth, thoroughly aerate and purified from the shell. Then eaten with soy sauce.


Traditional Belgian cheese, has amazing creamy taste. And just as repellent odor, like the smell of unwashed for a long time, hidebound Body. Is a long time in indoors, wherein it is stored a large quantity of cheese Limburger, impossible – begin watery eyes and feel dizzy.


Korean delicacy, which is made of meat ramp. The fact is that all the waste and toxins are removed from the rays of the body through the skin, because the bladder they do not. As a result – meat and skin stingray has a very unpleasant smell.
to prepare Hongeo fresh carcass of a stingray buried in the ground. There it is as long as Uric acid has been converted to ammonia. After that delicacy, having sickening smell, dig, cut in pieces and, as such immediately eat.


Mexican dish, which is prepared from larvae and eggs of giant Mexican ants. It is important to note that ingredients production for cooking Eskamoles enough risky business, It is making it not only creepy, but rather dangerous dish. obtained Eggs and larvae ants Prepare two main ways: either Fry in pure form, Either boiled in a special broth with bow.

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