The most dangerous seas

Visiting the sea The most common way to rest for many tourists, just because they needed a vacation, and not new impressions. Often having visited the same sea, people want to visit other seas, the snag is only that far from each of them is safe for swimming. Danger is meant both bad weather conditions and dangerous marine predators, more rarely, inexplicable phenomena.
If you consider such criteria, the following seas are considered dangerous:

Sargasso Sea

It is part of the Atlantic Ocean, and its danger lies in the fact that it is considered part of the notorious Bermuda triangle. Even if you do not believe in these legends, very frequently recorded here Disappearance of people And often happens Failure of electronic devices.

Earlier, a lot of ships disappeared due to the fact that they fell into the calm, and their screws were thrown by algae, as a result they just could not move away, and the team of these ships died of dehydration. Naturally, tourists are resting here, but to say that it can be safely with stretch.

Timor Sea

It is located in Indian Ocean, And under danger it means frequent Monsions, Typhoon And just too High seismic activity. In addition to climatic features, this place is located above the tectonic fault, which only worsens the situation. The sea itself does not carry any danger, but Typhren who arise almost constantly, more than once took the lives of a huge number of both local residents and tourists.

Caribbean Sea

The most dangerous seas

One of the most famous, both thanks to a good rest and thanks to some films, but some experts still recommend finding out another place to rest. Paradise painting here spoil almost Permanent storms and hurricanes, which affect absolutely all the islands and countries that they own. Additional trouble is high seismic activity, which becomes cause tsunami. Because of such natural situations, whole coral reef disappear, not to mention the islands and some buildings.

South China Sea

Sea, which Washes the coast of several countries, And the danger lies in the climate, in the spring and autumn there will be strong Typhoon and storm, And when the weather is more or less soothing danger switches to riding, The height of which reaches almost five meters. Because of the latter, even the most experienced swimmers can tighten into the open sea.

Almost all similar seas are similar to their unstable weather, seasonal bad weather and simply the specifics of the landscape, because of which people sometimes be dangerous to swim in the local waters. Naturally, some people do not stop listed hazards, and they still recover on vacation, only in the most suitable for a relaxing time.

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