The most dangerous countries for travelers are identified

Experts built an interactive map of the world, where they marked different colors of the country and regions, based on the degree of their danger for tourists.

In their opinion, next year, the most risky will be a trip to such regions as Darfur in Sudan and Kidal, Gao, Tombuct in Northeast Mali. South Sudan, Syria, Libya, Central African Republic, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan and others hit the list of the most dangerous countries. Their territory is painted in dark red.

Territories marked with bright red, also represent a greater danger. Among them are states such as Pakistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Libyan Desert in Sahara and Other.

The most dangerous countries for travelers are identified

Mid-hazardous countries are denoted by yellow. Among them – Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia. Low Risk States are marked with light yellow. it – Spain, Poland, France, Belarus, Italy, Turkey, Canada and USA. The most secure (light green), according to experts, are Finland, Norway, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark.

Analyzing the degree of threat, specialists took into account the rebellion, social tensions, terrorism, war and the overall level of crime. These indicators were also taken into account as the effectiveness of the work of the state structures, the number of natural disasters and the quality of the transport infrastructure.

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