The most dangerous cities of the United States

In November 2010, CQ Press publishes issued another report on the most dangerous cities of the United States. The final list included 400 cities with a population of over 75 thousand inhabitants. CQ Press used in its analysis official data of the FBI, namely: murders, rape, robbery, attacks, robbery and car hijacking.

The most dangerous city of America in 2010 was named Saint Louis (Missouri), in which 2070 crimes were committed for 100 thousand inhabitants. At the same time, on average, the United States per 100 thousand inhabitants are performed 429, the above, crimes.

The second in terms of the number of crimes is a suburb of Philadelphia – the city of Camden (New Jersey). The third list – Detroit (Michigan). Below are the 25 most dangerous cities of America by rating CQ Press. New York ranked in the final list 269 place, San Francisco – 130 place, Los Angeles – 158 place.

The most dangerous cities of the United States

It should be noted that the FBI itself skeptically responds about the rating and methodology on which it is calculated. Representatives of the FBI note that it is impossible to compare a direct crime rate in such different cities. Factors such as population density, cities economy, urbanization degree, and T.D. Part of the cities (for example, Chicago) did not participate in the study due to discrepancies in rape statistics.

In November 2007, the Executive Board of the American Society of Criminology (ASC) approved a resolution against such a kind of research. The resolution states that «. Ratings represent irresponsible abuse of data and bring unfounded harm».

The most dangerous cities of the United States

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