The most cultural cities in the world

The World Cities Culture Report report was created on the initiative of the London City Hall and is embodied with the library of a large British consulting company in the field of cultural, economic, social and environmental research – BOP Consulting.

The main purpose of the report is to identify the cultural potential of the largest cities in the world, for further exchange of experience between them, as well as for the social, cultural and tourist development of these cities.

This large-scale initiative was attended by 12 megacities – London, New York, Berlin, Paris, Istanbul, Singapore, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Mumbai, São Paulo, Sydney and Tokyo. The assessment of cities was held in 60 parameters, including the number of publicly available libraries and bookstores, the number of theaters and the number of performances per year, the number of UNESCO World Heritage Site and the number of green objects, the number of museums and music sites, the availability of festivals and the level of service. According to the results of the study, the report "The most cultural cities of the world of 2012" was drawn up.

You can get acquainted with the report on the official website, and I will give only some curious facts.

Tokyo – Leader in the number of bookstores (1675). Here 385 (second place after Paris) sites where you can listen to live music, 230 theaters, including theaters for children and boys, as well as a large number of festivals and mass events held.

In London, most museums, including a dozen national. Honorary Fourth place after Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris and Johannesburg occupies London by the number of bookstores (802). Third place after Paris and Tokyo in the number of living music sites (349) and first place in the number of entertainment events, including stand-up gum. London also became an unconditional leader among all twelve cities by the number of restaurants – 37450.

The most cultural cities in the world

Paris more than the other cities of public libraries (830), art galleries (1046), cinemas (302) and concert sites (423).

New York is leading by the number of theaters – 402, occupies the fourth place in the number of museums – 131, the third place in the number of art galleries – 721 and second place in the number of entertainment events – 11076.

Shanghai ranks second and in the number of public libraries and in the number of bookstores, and Sao Paulo – the fourth place in the number of entertainment events.

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