The most conscious citizens live in Ecokvarta Hammarby

In 2004, Sweden seriously claimed the Olympic Games, did not cost without improving the infrastructure, which in this country is without that flawless.

Therefore, the authorities of the city set a goal – to build the most "green" friendly ecology microdistrict.

So on the site of an abandoned industrial, near the lake with the reasons, eco-kamal grew, completely autonomous in terms of consumption of energy resources.

Water is heated there with solar panels on the roof, and then cleaned for reuse.

Heat and light in the house serve, burning trash. Movement with cars is not welcome.

Instead of air conditioners in Stockholm, a central cooling system runs with seawater.

And now we will estimate beautiful views of the window, the cozy state of territories near the houses and the impressionable reader will exclaim: "Yes, it’s just a paradise on Earth!".

Perhaps heaven, just do not forget the proverb – it is purely not where they clean, and where they do not grow.

The most conscious citizens live in Ecokvarta Hammarby

I want to say that accommodation in the Hammarby Sjöstad quarter requires local residents to comply with certain rules.

To move around the city you need to twist the pedals of the bike or use public transport, and not ride in a cozy car. And this is despite the fact that the surface of wonderful wooden bridges slightly slides.

We must carefully sort garbage and throw it into different receivers.

To save water to wash only in shared laundries. I guess that for the average Stockhtztsz bathroom with foam – this is a non-disabilities.

But in general, this neat place creates the most positive impression.

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