The most complex visas and country for tourists

On the map of the world, in addition to North Korea, there is still a dozen states where tourists are not very happy. Diplomacy here is not in honor. Initiative and independence are punishable. And travelers, if arriving, then go to groups for a handle with a guide on a special visa.

Let’s start with the controversial Saudi Arabia (CSA). Tourist visas Country is not issued in principle, and yes and wishing to visit the state of units. Any Visitor Crossing the Border of the Kingdom becomes the hostage not a humane system. In Saudi Arabia, there is still no criminal law. About human rights and the layer did not hear. For theft cut off hand, and all that is associated with the LGBT community is punishable by the death penalty.

However, the sizes of the state duty for a visa in the CSA may envy any consulate of a civilized world. The fee for a working visa comes to absurd $ 2,500. But that’s not all. To leave the kingdom, you need to place an exit visa (about 300 dollars).

Travel trips are possible in Bhutan, North Korea, Angola, Turkmenistan, Equatorial Guinea and Somalia. Of course, tourism visits to these countries can be called with a large stretch. Navigate through the territory is allowed only with an accredited guide, on routes approved by authorized ministries. All that the traveler sees — what is allowed to see.

The most complex visas and country for tourists

Algeria also refers to closed states. The government warns all foreigners that during visits to them is accurately observed.

South Sudan is considered difficult to visit. Here each step does not control, do not suit the tours to show, but the country has a note epidemic risk. AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis, cortex and still with a dozen diseases of the guests of the state are practically secured.

Pakistan, Yemen, Congo, Liberia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are in a state of civil war and the issuance of tourist visas stopped.

The most complex visas and country for tourists

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