The most colorful places in Spain for auto-trailers

Very soon the new summer season begin and the time of unforgettable adventures. Do not all plan your vacation to spend on one location. The most successful option to see the country —This is a small auto desk.

Next, we picked up a few locations of the Pyrenean Peninsula, which no one would not leave indifferent. You can go on the road on a personal car, but this journey will take a long time. In case you are not configured for a long trip, starting at home, car rental in Spain is very common, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sunny strange even more.


The Alpuhara region is considered one of the most beautiful districts of Andalusia, located between Greada and Almeria. Here you will see medieval fortresses, preserved to the present days, cute villages and the coast, which will not leave anyone indifferent. During the trip, look in the village of Pampaneur and the town of Lanheron. Do not be afraid to move away from the planned route to see the surroundings of amazing pampanera and minor roads it is there you can see all the flavor of Spain.

Aragon Catalonia

Els-Ports Park (El Parque Natural Dels Ports) and Maestrazgo Region (Maestrazgo) are considered one of the least studied travelers from the country regions. In the villages of this area, as if frozen. You will be interested to ride from the village to the village, meets churches and survived to this day castles, enjoy landscapes and taste Spanish cuisine. Traveling by car, you can enjoy the taste of the Moro Truffle and easily climb to the viewing area in Clains, which offers an excellent view of the Mediterranean.

On the route Knight Don Quixote

The route with a total duration of 2500 km and is suitable for travelers who, like the Knight of Cervantes, do not like noisy cities and wish to see Genuine Spain. On the streets of Toledo to this day, the image of a writer has been preserved, under the arch of the Santa Cruz Museum you will see a monument dedicated to him. And 10 mills have survived in Campo de Cryptan. You can complete the road in Vineyards Tomeloso, is located nearby near the meeting point Don Quixote with commandants in La Solana town.

Region Priorat for gourmet

Priorat (Priorat) is considered an ideal route for the auto-trip, here you can admire the picturesque landscapes, almond gardens and Mandarin, to visit the ruins of monasteries, as well as taste exquisite wines and beautiful kitchen.

The most colorful places in Spain for auto-trailers

Valle Del Jerte

You will not find a more successful way to see Extremadura than the autotropotka. Do not be lazy in Cáceres and attend the cliffs, with which you will open the breathtaking panoramas, do not be afraid to plunge into natural baths and explore the vicinity of Navakonsekho.

Roads Almeria

In the south of the country, visit the province of Andalusia, which offers many beautiful places. Cabo de Gata Natural Park, Tabernas Desert and this is only small that you can see here. Boldly go on the Autopista AP-7 motorway and you will make many more breathtaking places.

The Mediterranean coast was accustomed to tourist not yet few well-known and not very, luxurious and very modest corners. Do not be afraid to experiment, turn off the main highways in such secluded corners and hides the most real spirit of strange.

The most colorful places in Spain for auto-trailers

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