The most colored seas!

The Red Sea refers to the Indian Ocean Basin. Located between Asia and Africa. This sea is warm and crystal clear. The name history is made up of several versions. It is said that the name happened from red algae, which it is so rich. Algae give water reddish tint. However, most likely the name comes from the color of water, which reflects dark red rocks. The Red Sea has a high salinity, since no river falls into it.

Next Color Sea – Yellow.

Yellow Sea belongs to the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The sea received its name due to the fact that it changes its color to yellow-brown. This is due to dusty storms on the Juanhe River. They make water muddy. So the sea is not everywhere suitable for swimming. However, there are also favorite resorts, for example, Badayhei and Qingdao.

Black Sea – Another color mystery.

It is very difficult to say why the sea of ​​pleasant blue is called in many languages ​​of the world in black. There are several versions. It is said that the sea is called black because many centuries were in battles on it, and many people died. In memory of those times the sea is black. Another legend says that in front of the beard the sea dramatically changes his color on dark gray. Therefore, navigators nickned it black. However, the wonderful climate and pure water are pleased with thousands and millions of tourists annually.

The most colored seas!

The White Sea is one of the smallest seas of Russia.

Refers to the pool of the Server Ocean Ocean. Its depth is only 340 meters. The sea is unusually cold. Even in the summer, the temperature does not rise above 16 degrees. However, here you can see northern birds, whales, seals. It is easy to guess why the sea called white! Most days of the sea are covered with white, dazzling ice!

Enjoy the rest in the colored seas! Now you know why they are so called!

The most colored seas!

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