The most colored beaches of the world

In the yard summer, which means many are already looking after warm countries or actively pack suitcases. Where are you going, friends? Do you want to add a little exotic to your beach vacation and relax, for example, on a red, black or purple sand?

Kilometers of snow-white beaches Maldives or Seycheloma no one will not be surprised. But the Australian Beach Jayams still managed to distinguish. Yes, so that for your whiteness got into the Guinness Book of Records. His sand can be compared unless with flour.

The complete opposite of the Australian miracle is the Icelandic Vick Beach, whose black sand appeared as a result of volcanic activity. You can also sunbathe on black beaches on Lipsko Islands near Sicily, in California on Black Sand Beach, in Tenerife. However, this list can be continued for a long time.

Red sand tests about volcanic origin. It can be found on the beaches of the Greek Island of Santorini, on the island of Maui (USA), and in the popular Chernogorsk resorts Petrovac and St. Stephen.

The most colored beaches of the world

And now, attention! We go to California to Pfeifer Beach, which meets us. purple color. And all this thanks to the presence of manganese and spacesartin in surrounding areas.

No less impressive and greenish color Papalakia beach in Hawaii.

In general, in the Hawaiian Islands you can find the coast of almost all colors of the rainbow. Black, Golden, Red, Green. And if you search, it may turn out to expand the palette? All in your hands!

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