The most beautiful trees of the world

They give a shadow and cool on a hot day, their fragrant clusters we enjoy during flowering, oxygen allocated by them, breathe. Do you know that one pine can provide breathing three people? And carbon dioxide one tree absorbs as much as it highlights the average car for 40,000 km run? In Japan, there is a holiday of admirement Sakura – Khana, but there are no less beautiful trees in the world, for example wisteria.

Isn’t it beautiful baobab? Its appearance is very unusual – a thick trunk and tiny, as if toy, twigs somewhere high upstairs. That’s right, in the trunk, reaching a different times of 8 m in diameter, Baobab saves water to survive in arid areas of their habitat. And in the winter it drops the leaves and lose weight – in the literal sense of the word.

The most beautiful trees of the world

A no less wide trunk boasts of dragons trees, possessing the same beautiful spreading crown. Other their name – Dragon Blood, because the resin has bright red. By the way, this tree is the official symbol of one of the Canary Islands – Tenerife.

With trees we collect fruits, but they can grow not only apples, but also strawberries, bread, cucumbers, candy and even sausage. These wonders exist in the real world. About them – in our article "Products on branches".

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