The most beautiful trains of the world

If you have in your pocket from 2900 to 10,000 euros, then we suggest you go on a week trip along the route London – Edinburgh on the luxurious train ROYAL SCOTSMAN. The train is designed for only 36 passengers: four single and sixteen double compartment with bathrooms, shower, toilet.

Note that the usual traveler’s outfit – comfortable pants, sneakers and a blurred backpack – not suitable. Excuse yourself to dress up in a tuxedo or evening dress, only in this form you will be allowed into restaurant wagons, which are in the train two. In restaurants, passengers are treated with dishes from the products of the region, which at the moment slowly swears outside the window.

Expect Royal Comfort! Before boarding, you roll the carpet, while traveling you will be treated with caviar, champagne and whiskey, musicians will play classical music.


The famous Eastern Express, which is shot in numerous articles and historical stories, for the first time went to the flight back in 1883. Initially, the train chairs Paris route – Istanbul, then his routes changed, now the train connects France and Turkey.

The train consists of ancient wagons of the 20s of the last century. All coupe are furnished with chic and comfort, a steward is attached to each coupe. You must comply with the dress code, of course.

Eastern and Oriental Express Thailand and Singapore

Brother Orient-Express runs on the route Bangkok Singapore and back. Real Luxury Symbol of Asian Continent! Journey to one end lasts four days and three nights. The fare varies from $ 2,000 to $ 9000. In the train there are several restaurant wagons, a library, a boutique with souvenirs and bars, one of which has a large open overview terrace.

In addition, the train can be rented for several days or just rental to the organization of private parties.

BLUE TRAIN, South Africa

South African train, route by Cape Town Pretoria, one of the most expensive years of the world. Here carefully recreates a leopard and comfortable atmosphere of the beginning of the last century, so it is allowed to talk on the phone only in its coupe, and that whisper. The distance from Cape Town to Pretoria at 1600 kilometers the train overcomes in two days, with night stops for recreation passengers. In the last car there is an observation deck. Each coupe has all the necessary household amenities, and the coupe themselves are very spacious – the most prestigious reaches the area of ​​14 square meters square.

The most beautiful trains of the world

Palace on Wheels, India

Palace On Wheels ("Palace on Wheels") Makes a trip to the fortresses and palaces of the largest state in India – Rajastan. The whole trip takes seven days.

Initially, Palace On Wheels trains were intended for personal use of the rulers of various states of India.

The train also provides well-equipped recreation rooms and library. The train has currency exchange services, call doctor and washing during parking lots.

Trans-Siberian Express "Golden Eagle"

Trans-Siberian Express company has two comfortable composition, which move mostly at night (speed 140 km / h) on the routes Moscow – Ulan-Bator – Vladivostok and Moscow – Ulan Bator – Beijing. The night mode of movement is chosen so that the day passengers can stay more in a wide variety of interesting places and get acquainted with the sights of Novosibirsk, Lake Baikal, Ulan Bator, desert Karakum and Gobi and other interesting places of the route. The road to Vladivostok will take 15 days. From there to Moscow, you need to return to your progress. The price is storm – from 15 thousand dollars per person in a double coupe.

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