The most beautiful towns of Italy

Lerici and Portovover (Liguria Region)
Both towns are cozy to settle down different sides of the bay with the poetic name of the Bay of Poets, and between them in the Bay itself – the city of La Spice, by the way, is also pretty pretty.
Getting to Lerigi and Portovener is best on the bus from La Spice, as there are no railway stations in both towns. Therefore, come first in La Spice by train, and there for a bus:
– from Via Fiume (this is almost at the station) to Lerici (40 minutes in the way)
– and from Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi (at intersection with Corso Camillo Camillo Benso Conte Di Cavour) to Portovenere (also 40 minutes in the way)
By the way, between the two towns can be moved along the water on special boats, running along the coast of the Ligurian Sea. Schedule and other details can be found here

On both towns you can spend both a few hours and completely all day. Lerici slightly smaller, there can be inspected only by a small old part of the city, the central square of Giuseppe Garibaldi, stroll along the cozy embankment and rise to the old castle. Portovener more in itself and besides vintage streets and remnants of the fortress, you can find the Church of San Lorenzo, go down to the water in the Byron grotto, and then climb the observation platform of the San Pietro church. By the way, there are two green islands near Portovenere – Palmary with two fortresses and tiny Tino with a pretty lighthouse.


Church of San Pietro in Portovenere

Dead city of Chivita Di Baloredzho (Lazio region)
Civita di Baloredzho (emphasis on the second syllable) is one of my most vivid impressions of the trip to Lazio. The city was founded by Etruscia about 25 centuries, then turned into a normal Italian settlement, located on the hill, as well as many other. But in 1695 there was a terrible earthquake, destroying half of Civita, after which a good half of the inhabitants hurried to leave their homes and move to the neighboring hill, where he founded a new city, now called just Bagonjo (by the way, also very cute!). Subsequent landslides and ribs forced the remaining inhabitants of Civility also leave their homes. To date, about 10 inhabitants are registered in the city, but most of them do not live here constantly.

Civita di Balorego shocks even the spoiled traveler, she as Venice could not leave indifferent, balancing on the verge of life and death. Today this city is, but tomorrow another earthquake can finally destroy it. Civility to some extent can be called a tourist attraction, as everything is aimed here on visitors – restaurants, cafes, shops, say, there is even a hotel that I have never found. However, one very important circumstance protects the city from the crowd of tourists – transport unavailability!

You can only get here on foot through the only bridge from the neighboring BagAoredzho, however, it is not so easy to get to the last. A regular bus goes several times a day from the nearby major cities – Witerbo, Montefyasque and Orvieto. We had to move for two days from Rome in Viterbo, and from there you first go to Chivito and then in Orvieto. In the evening from Orvieto, hardly returned back to Viterbo with a transfer from trains to a bus to some Italian wilderness) But all this adventure was definitely worth it, all three cities turned out to be stunning!
More detailed information about buses can be found on the website of the bus company.

Civita di Baloredzho

Brisigella (region Emilia-Romagna)
Cute antique Brisigella is located in a lowland between three hills, on which there is a clock tower, castle and church. And for these three attractions, we also found a geological park. The best route, in my opinion, is such. First inspect Brisigella – in the light of the day it will seem a cozy Italian village. Then hearly go through all three hills. Climb from the town to the clock tower (the stairs up is very cozy!), from her a small track will hold you to the castle, and from there already to the church hand to file. It is located behind it, from which, however, you should not wait for something special, in fact it is a wasteland with a clay soil (in which you can smear all shoes), because the Park geological! But the landscapes opening from here are very impressive! Closer to the evening you are just descended back to the city, which in the light of the lanterns becomes completely different: deserted, mysterious and even a little mystical.

To get to Brisiegella is the easiest way – from Florence there is a direct train, and you first need to get to Faenza from Bologna, and there to make a transfer to Brisigella. Just I do not advise you to leave the town on the last steam locomotive, because it may not come, then you have to spend the night in Brisigelle. By the way, this case (and on any other) I can advise the hotel-restaurant La Rocca. His wonderful owner of Daniele will always be glad to take you at home, as well as feed (even in the absence of a cook) and give any recommendations regarding the inspection of the city. Just do not forget to say that it recommended that you recommended a girl from Russia) recommendations in Italy work is working carelessly – verified on their own experience!

Clock tower and castle in Brisiegella

Montefyoral + Bonus Greve in Chianti (Tuscany region)
Montefyoralla – a tiny town on a hill located in the Chianti zone where the most famous Italian wine is produced. Around – solid vineyards and olive groves. Visit to the ancient Montefyoralla must necessarily combine with wine tasting in the neighboring Greve in Chianti, which you still will not pass. Therefore, first it is worth climbing the hill to the town (there are forces while there is strength), and then go down and look into the tasting "Le Cantine Greve in Chianti". Here you will be offered to try various wines produced in the field of Chianti. The system is simple: buy a card with a face value of 10, 15, 20 or 25 euros and for each needed wine with it is written off a certain amount corresponding to a value of a variety. There are wines of 8 euros per bottle, you can try them for 70 eurocents, and there are 120 euros for a bottle, for their tasting from the card will fly at once 5 euros! All guests are also available for free to taste local olive oil. Well, of course, if you wish, you can get the most instances in personal use.

Getting to Greve in Chianti is the easiest way to bus from Florence. You can sit in it on the bus station, located right next to the railway station. The road will take about an hour and a half, depending on the plores in Florence, however, I do not advise hope that you will learn the terrain, better sit down to the driver and periodically ask where you go out.


The most beautiful towns of Italy

Neighborhood Montefyoralla

Le Cantine Greve in Chianti

Savoka (Sicily)
In my opinion, Savoka (emphasis on the first syllable) is one of the most pretty places in Sicily and, by the way, Francis Ford Coppola completely agrees with this, because it is here (and not in Corleon, as many people think) American director removed almost all Italian scenes of their famous trilogy "Godfather". But I liked the keeper at all therefore. She would be wonderful and without world glory. The town consists literally out of three streets, but the length of him in the Sicilian hills is such that here you can walk and half a day, periodically "hovering" On the viewing sites and admiring the surrounding landscapes. You can also go to the famous bar "Vitelley", where Michael Corleon woven to beauty Apollonia. Now it is not just a bar, but a real movie museum. Here, nearby is the church of St. Lucia, where the mafiosis was married with his beloved. But there are almost no tourists in the city, because you can only get here by car or with a tour of the bus.

Unfortunately, the transport situation in Sicily is that for a truly interesting trip on the island you need to take cars for hire. That’s why "Six" Travelers I will offer only to get along the railway (from Messina or Catania) station to Santa Teresa di Riva, and from there take a taxi to Savoki. Motorists will be much easier: to reach Santa Teresa di Riva one of two tracks good paid A18 or bad free SS114, and then fold to the Savoka on the road SP19. Just be prepared for a stupid serpentine, in Sicily without him anywhere!

Road leading from the coast to Savoka

Bar "Vitelley"

Neighborhood Savoka

On this, I, perhaps, finish my story, although, of course, a list of beautiful non-cereal seats in Italy is not limited to my modest list. But I propose to continue it to you, for what you can use the site of the most beautiful towns and village – I Borghi Piu ‘Belli d’Italia. Here you will find a list of those most "most towns", their history, photos, options for overnight stay and shopping. There is also information about how to get there, but I would not recommend counting on its 100% reliability, for transport in Italy is unpredictable, and than south, the less on her hope!

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