The most beautiful, impressive and unusual fountains world!

The most beautiful, impressive and unusual fountains of the world will be able to see you here and now! They became a symbol of their cities, meeting and leisure place!

I want to start with the composition in Barcelona, ​​Spain:

Light musical fountain Magic Fountain of Montjuïc) You can rightly name the miracle of light. Built in 1929. Engineer Carles Bungas, Fountain creates a visual show under the works of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky! Such a spectacle will definitely remember forever!

Honored admiration causes Trevi Fountain in Italy:

He is a magnificent scene. In the center of the fountain – the God of the Ocean, hardened with horses. Daily hundreds and thousands of tourists throw coins. And it is not surprising that every day they are collecting about 1,500 euros. The collected amounts go to charity.

The most expensive fountain of the world is of course, Fountain in Dubai:

The most huge and most expensive (217 million. $) Fountain in the world opened in 2009. Height of it – 152 m. Fountain is located on the territory of the popular shopping center and at the same time the highest skyscraper in Dubai. Water highlights 6600 lanterns of different colors and 25 color projectors.

Not passing by our attention "Dancing fountain" Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Architects needed 40 million. dollars on his creation. Each evening it is lit backlighting, consisting of 4500 lamps. Fountain begins to dance to the music of famous singers and musicians.

The most beautiful, impressive and unusual fountains world!

One of the largest and old fountains is Big Cascade Peterhof, in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The palace and park ensemble was built by Peter the first in 1710. Cascade decorate 37 statues and 64 fountains included in the complex itself.

Special place occupies Fountain of friendship peoples, in Moscow, Russia.

Fountain was built in 1957. He was decorated with gold-plated statues of virgins in national outfits of all republics of the former Soviet Union. This fountain is a symbol of friendship and peace!

Well, perhaps the most delicious fountain, like ripe and juicy pineapple, is located In Waterfront Park, South Carolina. The fountain is a composition in the form of pineapple and is the main attraction of the state.

The most beautiful, impressive and unusual fountains world!

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