Temple of Apollo Hilas

Apollo Chilask Temple – the most replicable from Cyprus’s attractions. Its image is bangible on all postcards, advertising prospects, souvenirs and even sweets for sweets selling on the island. Temple is located in the town of Kurion 20 kilometers from Limassol. The patron of ancient Kurion and was considered Apollo Hylatsky. Cypriots highly honored this god as a patron of forests and animals that controls climate and weather determining the order of the year.

The first temple in honor of Apollon was created at this place in the 7th century BC, with numerous restructuring and changes he reached the present day. Today, the Apollo Temple is one of the mandatory points of the excursion route in Cyprus. Archaeologists, who scrupulously studied the structure, discovered several interesting finds here, the remains of the figurines of people and animals who sacrifice God on the Altar of the Temple.

Temple of Apollo Chilask Sightseeing Limassol Travel Guide

In the ancient era, ordinary people under the fear of death were forbidden to touch the altar of the sanctuary, and today any of the tourists can stand at the site of an ancient priest and fully sense time. In addition to the temple in the cerion, the remnants of other religious structures are preserved, and even the arena on which sports competitions took place.

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