Temple of all religions – Cultural masterpiece Kazan

The world-famous temple of all religions began to actively erect in the our city of Kazan back in the distant 1994 year. This extraordinary shocking building of the architecture has received such an interesting name due to the idea Khanova Ildar Mansavaevich.

It is also worth noting that in the creation of this cultural masterpiece Kazan invested outstanding people of many professions, ranging from the artist and ending with the poet. Thus, on the territory of the village, referred to Old Arakchino, It was possible to foresee soon International Spiritual Cultural Center and Exquisite Universal Temple. These Kazan buildings are relatively modern, but despite this need careful attention.

As the construction of religions and cults, the structure is not operated. Inside the temple do not conduct rites and church services.

In fact, the construction is considered one of the most non-standard buildings around the world. This is a kind, complex of architectures that combine the Catholic and Orthodox Church, the Temple for Buddhists and other profile attractions.

Temple of all religions - Cultural masterpiece Kazan

The process of erection of this design lasts to this day. Pavilions have already been discovered to visit tourists and residents of Kazan. In the pavilion halls placed Collections from art galleries, Music Hall and Art School. There are master classes of one or another creative activity. Does not do without concerts.

The creator of this majestic building at one time with great difficulty has been increasing various religious practices recognized by traditional in certain countries. Khanov was perceived by the public as a man of high spirituality. His idea was to build this attraction in the role of the Kazan Cultural Center. Inside the temple, antique historical lectures were carried out, exciting musical productions, puppet performances. This architectural temple was also planned to be used as a shelter for people (at a certain time of stay), which suffered from addiction, as well as for all drug addicts who wanted to cure.

Unfortunately, this talented person could not fully embody a dream into reality, because he died in 2013 on February 9th, undergoing a severe disease. To date, its like-minded people and family members are actively involved in the further construction of the construction.

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