Temple Khun Aram

In the southern part of Samui is the temple, which is more often referred to Temple Mummy – Buddhist Temple Khun Aram. Its sizes are extremely modest, but its main attraction – The remains of the mummified monk-Buddhist attract crowds of tourists and religious pilgrims to him. It is known that this monk, whose remains are exhibited behind the glass showcase, died during the meditation, reaching Nirvana, in 1977.

The life of the monk is right there in the temple on the wall. According to him at the age of 50, Luang Pho Denig returned to the temple and began the life of a monk. He reached this skill in meditation, which could two weeks in the lotus position without food and water being in the astral. A couple of months before death, he told his disciples that his hour was close and bequeathed to put his body in the sarcophagus. He died at the age of 79, and his body is still in the sarcophage of glass, it has not been thinned, and mumfied.

Temple Khun Aram Sights of Samui Travel Guide

Additionally, in the temple, Khun Aram can be wandered on chopsticks. You will be given a special vessel and ask to shake it until your wand falls out. By the number of wands, you will be given a piece of paper with a description of what awaits you. The text on the sheet is written in local language and in English.

The temple building is located on the road between the two most visited island waterfalls: on Muang and Hua Tkhanon.

Temple Khun Aram Sights of Samui Travel Guide

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