Temple Khatchepsut

Temple Khatsepsut (or Khatchepsut) – a large and very beautiful architectural complex in Luxor. Sightseeing is located near the rocky ensemble Deyar El Bakhry.

The temple of Hatshepsut is dedicated to the Pharaoh woman, which was a rare phenomenon in ancient Egypt, and the architecture of the temple was uncharacteristic for Egypt, it only emphasizes. In addition, the shrine is dedicated to Amonu-Ra – Particularly revered in the old days of the Divine, as well as the father of the queen – Tahmamos first. And that’s not all: In the temple, Hatsepsut also worshiped Anubis – a gloomy creature that accompanied the departed in the afterlife, as well as the good goddess Hathor Identet – Defender of all dead man.

In the past, the temple wore another name – Jeace Jesle. This name can be translated from the ancient Egyptian as «Sacred from sacred». Interestingly, on the construction of the temple was spent as many as 9 years (1482-1473).

In ancient times, the Khatsepsut temple surrounded the magnificent garden, where exotic plants were growing, a small pool was created here. Unfortunately, today all these wonders remained only with the memories.

Temple Khatchepsut Sights of Luxor Travel Guide

The Khatselsut Temple is famous for its sophisticated reliefs, which are narrated by the history of the famous government.

In the days of early Christianity, the temple took the Copts. Over time, he turned into ruins, which represented a rather sad sight, however, thanks to Eduard Nvilvilu, who began the reconstruction of the temple at the end of the XIX century, today we have the opportunity to visit it and admire it with majestic beauty.

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