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I always said (although I just came up with it), that never from home should not go to the patch with him, because you never know whether the Bengal tiger. By the way, the plaster I wear with myself and the truth, but he was useful for me this Saturday exactly about this for the first time.

But first things first. There is such a very poor in South Asia, but a harmless country, like the Kingdom of Thailand, it was not so long ago the Kingdom of Siam (Siamese twins were also in Thailand, yes). Democracy in Thailand is also a very young, the peer of our our, and the poverty is very large, the middle peasant (which in Thailand most) earns less than 100 dollars a month. Both from Russia to Turkey and Egypt fly the cheapest aircraft crowds from local tourists, and from Japan cheap aircraft carry people to crowds to Thailand. Tokyo is now cool, and in Thailand more than 30 degrees. In Thailand, it is impossible to drink water from the water pipeline and ironing street dogs and cats (which is very, very much, but everyone is covered with flea), but you can iron elephants and tigers.

In addition, Thailand is a very religious country. More than 90 percent of the population of Thailand Buddhists, and Buddhism in Thailand this is a serious thing, and not that in Japan. In Japan, religion remembers only when you need to buy something happy for passing the exam, for example. In Thailand, in the temples it is necessary to behave decently, and each man, except for service in the army, takes place at 20, another 2-3 months of service by monk, which are easy to learn on yellow dresses. Monks in Thailand never prepare meals, but eat only when they come to feed other people. Feed the monk is considered good act. Probably, so many become monks and forever.

In 1994, one such monk opened a new temple with a non-promotable name Wat Pa Luangta Bua YannaSampanno. Approximately 200 kilometers from Bangkok, in the direction of the railway of death, next to the border with the Burma. Usually such young temples are not the most interesting place to visit. But not in this case. First, this temple is in real jungle, at the foot of the mountains. Secondly, Buddhists believe in reincarnation and the abbot of this temple thought that the temple should be opened not only for people, but also for all animals seeking peace. In Thailand, people feed monks and Abbot has become only half, half leaves at the entrance to the temple. For this half of the jungle and animals began to come.

  • Temple for Tigers – Tiger &# 169; Kitya Karlson
  • Temple for Tigers – Caban &# 169; Kitya Karlson
  • Temple for Tigers – Horse &# 169; Kitya Karlson
  • Temple for Tigers – Deer &# 169; Kitya Karlson

Each animal in the temple has its own story. The boar was found by a monk by the road – his car shot down. Kabana took the temple and were able to go out. The strengthened boar ran back to the jungle, but after a while he returned back to the temple himself – already with his boar and a dozen piglets. They all settled in the temple.

No animal in the temple holds in a cage. All of them are free to walk, where and how they want. Everyone gets food, shelter and world. Residents of the surrounding villages learned about the temple in which they take animals and began to give old or sick homely cattle, forgotten pets, and others, others, etc

Temple for Tiger

Due to the trees, there are modest horses, the handsaws of peacocks are sitting in the branches, and the horned muzzle of the water bull is shown from the swamp – all this terrain turns into a huge swamp in the rainy season and water bulls are used instead of tractors, which do not yet know. In the swamp wet and not hot – it was not for nothing that he climbed there, not in vain ..

The hunt for tigers in Thailand is strictly prohibited, but Chinese merchants are ready to pay for a tiger more than 5 thousand dollars, because the Chinese believe that a tiger liver is another Eastern Magic Medicine. Alas, but 5 thousand is many years of income of the Thai peasant and the risk are ready to go many. The first little tigress fell into the temple so – her parents were killed by poachers, and she himself bought the local rich from Bangkok, who ordered the stuffed. The local animal boiler regretted Tiger, but, unfortunately, after he managed to get preservatives to her. Residents were afraid and did not know what to do with Tiger. She was taken to the temple and the monk managed to even go out, but after six months, her heart was still refused and she died. But on the same day, the peasants found three more tiny crucible in the forest, who died with hunger, because their dad and mom killed poachers. Tigrite brought to the temple where the local dog focused.

Fourth Tigritz found with a speeded nose. Nose stitched in the temple, but still, if I say (in Thai, of course) "sterling" – she is frightened and hiding. The tigress grew and loved to walk on the temple, attend the services. First, parishioners were afraid, and then nothing, accustomed. Those who live near the jungle to wild animals do not need to be used.

In total, 17 tigers live in the temple now. Since they live from childhood in the temple, they no longer know how to hunt. Feed them only with boiled meat, so they are not aggressive. In Buddhism, it is customary to meditate and tigers often come to meditations, fall on the ground around the monk sitting in the lotus position and also look at the space for hours and think about something, tiger.

The main thing in life with tigers, of course, speed. Here two tiger suddenly spiked and began to fight. Between the two animals, the monk jumps, he dies from the paws and teeth, whispers some words tigers on the ear, distract from each other, gives out a plastic bone that sold in stores for dogs and tigers reassured again – the world is restored.

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  • Temple for Tigers – Walk with Tiger &# 169; Kitya Karlson
  • Temple for Tigers – He is unhappy with something? &# 169; Kitya Karlson
  • Temple for Tigers – Tiger. And author &# 169; Kitya Karlson

When you walk with a tiger, it turns out that in no case you can not go ahead of the tiger, the tigers do not like it. But the tigers love when they are stroking, and quite like domestic cats can sometimes put their heads on his knee or start straining and beaten about legs. Tigers do not like too high and too low and children, so you can not get up on the stones or go squatting next to the tiger. After lunch, the tigers are a quiet hour and sleepy tigers are not against them to scratch their back, ears, and in the very good mood and belly – like a cat tigers sometimes sometimes turn over the back and lying down the paws up. Everyone has its own character. One tigress loves two things – jump on the trees and pull out, and then immediately let go of the branches so that they jump, and jump on people from behind and hug. The main thing is not to fall. If someone suddenly interesting things here are a lot of pictures, about how I picked up tigers.

Four little tigers just over two months and they were born already in the temple. Mom with dad already calm let go to play with people. Still would. Tigeren himself is still small, and the teeth and paws are already big. And, must admit strengths. Still a little bit and tiger will be stronger than me in amrustling. Tigrenka really liked to play with my hand, and he even leaned her a little. I do not mind. But. Tiger, then I have already forgotten, I think, and you witness me – somewhere far in Thailand, it means that the young Bengal tiger who drove my blood is growing. We are now seeming like relatives.

  • Temple for Tigers – Tiger &# 169; Kitya Karlson
  • Temple for Tigers – Tiger &# 169; Kitya Karlson
  • Temple for Tigers – Tigrite &# 169; Kitya Karlson

Two years ago about the temple in which the monks live with the tigers wrote National Geographic, and since then the life of the temple has changed somewhat – Faraga, so in Thai called white people, began to come from all over the world to get acquainted with tigers. Both for all animals and for all people the temple is always open, and if you want – you can even settle in the temple and learn meditations in the company of the teacher and a wide variety of animals. Only at the entrance to the temple now it is necessary to sign a special paper that you understand that the beasts are wild and if they eat you, the temple is not to blame.

The temple collects donations to food for animals, the purchase of land and the construction of an artificial island on it, on which the beasts could live in more natural conditions, and be more protected from people. Most of the most visits and donations from Australians, British and Israelis. The Japanese, which, probably, is symbolic, to the tigers to walk apparently fear, although in all other places of Thailand there are a huge amount, even in strange places, like a cemetery of soldiers who died from the Japanese to the second world world. our donations in the temple, too, are still presented, although tourists also go from Russia to Thailand. If you are somehow somehow – do not forget to ask about Wat Pa Luangta Bua Yannasampanno. Three dollars – small money, and this is enough for meat for one tiger for a whole day. You can take some tiger in your care.

Often about the ancient monks tell different fairy tales, they say they worked wonders. I do not know, however, or not. But the temple in which people and wild animals live together and are looking for peace together – in my opinion it is quite a miracle and I saw it with my own eyes.

Temple for Tiger

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